Why We Need Amanda Green-Hawkins & Judge Dan McCaffery on the PA Superior Court

The impact of commonwealth courts is plainly evident in Pennsylvania…

In the recent past, it was our courts that delivered fair Congressional maps by striking down a GOP gerrymander. In the near future, it’ll be our courts again that decide a wave of anti-union litigation.

And each day, thousands rely on PA courts for fair trials and sentencing in an era of mass incarceration.

For these reasons and more, we must ensure PA courts and judges work for the people — with equal justice for all.

That’s why we proudly endorse Amanda Green-Hawkins and Judge Dan McCaffery for PA Superior Court.

Will you vote for Amanda and Judge McCaffery on November 5th?


The Pennsylvania Superior Court is the second highest circuit in our commonwealth court system, just below the PA Supreme Court. It consists of fifteen judges, each elected to ten year terms in statewide elections.

In 2019, two open positions on the court will be filled in elections on Tuesday, November 5th. If Democrats win both, we will flip the balance of power on the Superior Court for years to come!


Amanda Green-Hawkins grew up in a working-class union family. Her mother was a factory worker who lost her benefits when the business moved overseas. Her father was a veteran, truck driver, and member of the carpenters’ union.

When Amanda began her law career, she had the option to take a fancy job at a high-powered law firm, but she chose to fight for workers instead. For nearly twenty years, Amanda has defended workers’ rights in court as counsel for United Steelworkers.

Amanda has also served as an Allegheny County councilwoman and member of various non-profit boards in Western PA.

For her passion, integrity, and commitment to working people, we encourage all Pennsylvanians to vote for Amanda Green-Hawkins in the race for PA Superior Court.


Judge Dan McCaffery grew up in Philadelphia, son to a union worker and a public school teacher. As a veteran, attorney, and trial judge, he’s spent his entire adult life serving the people of Pennsylvania.

Currently, Judge McCaffery serves on the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas in one of the country’s busiest trial divisions. He’s presided over thousands of trials in six years on the bench, and prior to that he tried hundreds more as an attorney.

Judge McCaffery’s record is one of sterling integrity and fairness. He is highly recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

For his lifetime of service with honor, we confidently put our support behind Judge Dan McCaffery for PA Superior Court.


Two Republicans, Megan King and Christylee Peck, will also be on the ballot on November 5th.  The Republican candidates are endorsed by a rogues gallery of anti-women, anti-worker, and pro-gun lobbying groups, suggesting their decisions will set Pennsylvania back decades.

King and Peck also fervently support Donald Trump and the white supremacist ideology that comes with him.


Courts are a key battleground in the fight for voting rights, workers’ rights, and healthcare rights. That makes judicial elections vital to saving our democracy.

Please commit to voting for Amanda Green-Hawkins and Judge Dan McCaffery on Election Day, November 5th!