PENNSYLVANIA – Pat Toomey is doubling down on his support for Donald Trump despite clear evidence that Trump committed an impeachable offense by asking a foreign country to investigate a political rival. Now Pat Toomey is saying he would vote against convicting the President if impeachment articles are sent to the Senate despite claiming the process has not been transparent enough.

“Pat Toomey can’t have it both ways on impeachment. He is defending the President despite clear evidence of corruption while also complaining that he doesn’t have enough access to the evidence,” said Beth Melena, senior communications advisor for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Pat Toomey has already made it clear that he will not be an independent juror and represent the people of Pennsylvania. He will stop at nothing to protect this corrupt president.”


“U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey said Thursday that he wouldn’t vote to convict President Donald Trump if the House were to send impeachment articles to the upper chamber based on the evidence now available.” [York Dispatch, 10/24/19]

If all of the Democrats in the Senate voted for impeachment after a trial, about 20 Republicans would have to back a conviction to oust the president …Senate Republicans nationwide have been plagued by questions about whether they would vote to convict should a trial commence in the Senate. That scenario is likely, as the House is expected to easily muster a simple majority to impeach Trump and put the case in the Senate’s hands.”  [York Dispatch, 10/24/19]

“GOP legislators have attacked Democrats as running a secretive, unfair process. In a statement Thursday, Toomey criticized House lawmakers leading that investigation for conducting what he described as ‘secret hearings from which they selectively leak testimony they believe supports their predetermined, politically motivated conclusions.’” [Morning Call, 10/24/19]