Historic Democratic Wins Across Southeastern Pennsylvania Are Making Waves Around The Country

PENNSYLVANIA — Historic Democratic wins across southeastern Pennsylvania are making waves around the country. Tuesday’s elections sent a clear message to Donald Trump and Republicans in Harrisburg and Washington — voters are catching on to their toxic record of sabotaging health care and putting the wealthiest Americans before working families. Philadelphia’s suburbs sent a clear message on Tuesday: they are in an open revolt.

“All four of Philadelphia’s collar-county governments are now dominated by Democrats, toppling the firewall that Republicans ha”d counted on for decades in statewide races.” (POLITICO)

“Democrats flipped suburban Delaware County, which has been controlled by Republicans since the Civil War. The county’s five-member council, which was filled entirely by Republicans a few years ago, will now be occupied entirely by Democrats.” (Business Insider)

“In addition to their historic finish in Delaware County this year, Democrats also won back the Bucks County Board of Commissioners for the first time since the 1980s and swept the county commissioner races in Chester County.” (POLITICO)

Republicans are sounding the alarm. Notable Republicans across the country and in Pennsylvania have taken note of our progress and are worried about how toxic Trump’s broken promises are among suburban voters.

Even Mitch McConnell’s former Chief of Staff weighed in, “[t]aking a step back from KY and looking at all the elections last night, GOP should be most concerned about what happened in local elections in Chester, Delaware and Bucks County, PA last night. That is genuinely alarming if you know the voting history.”

“I look at my state of Pennsylvania and clearly the suburbs there are turning and they’re not turning in our direction and Donald Trump is not a help in that regard,” said former Senator Rick Santorum to Anderson Cooper.

“[T]here appears to be an electoral realignment in the suburbs. Republicans aren’t leaning in on the issues that affect suburban, affluent voters like gun safety and the environment,” Former Pennsylvania Congressman Ryan Costello said. “Plus, Trump is not a benefit but a burden. That forces Republicans to have to ask voters to really hear them out on issues like taxes and school safety even if those voters don’t like Trump and that’s not easy.” (Washington Post)

Costello continued….

“The anti-Trump sentiment in the suburbs hasn’t dissipated at all,” said Ryan Costello, a former Republican congressman from Chester County. “Democrats have won counties they never, ever, ever won. The trend from red to blue has accelerated in the last few years, and there’s only one reason for that.” (POLITICO)

The result of Tuesday’s elections should send a shiver down the spines of Donald Trump and every Republican running in 2020.