Kelly once promised on the House Floor that “There’s not a single person in our business that would ever put one of our owners in a defective car or a car with a recall.” Turns out he’s doing just that.

Last night, an investigative report aired on Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 documenting Congressman Kelly’s misleading and self-serving business practices. He has been negligently selling vehicles with open safety recalls at his auto dealerships, and falsely advertising them as certified by the manufacturer.

“This is another example of Mike Kelly serving self-interests. He’s a Washington insider who cares more about the special interests that fund his campaigns than he does about the people of Western Pennsylvania,” said Jim Wertz, chair of the Erie County Democrats. “Now he’s put hardworking men and women at risk by selling dangerous, unsafe vehicles to his constituents. The families of our region deserve better than Mike Kelly.”

In September and October, Action News found 15 vehicles with active recalls for sale at Kelly’s dealership in Butler. One of them was recalled for a deadly airbag that has killed 24 people. Five of those vehicles were advertised as “GM-certified.” That surprised a GM spokesman, who shared that all five were de-listed from being certified in September. He did not have an explanation for Kelly’s false advertising.

It’s not the first time Action News has investigated Kelly’s dealerships for selling unsafe vehicles. In May, they discovered 17 recalled cars for sale by Kelly, including multiple cars with the potentially fatal airbag.

In 2015, while arguing on the House Floor (Kelly’s remarks begin at the 11:02:35 mark) for a failed amendment that would have allowed auto dealers to sell recalled vehicles across the nation, Kelly said “There’s not a single person in our business that would ever put one of our owners in a defective car or a car with a recall.”

Looks like Kelly has been doing just that.

Kelly has a long record of looking out for his business and the auto dealer lobby rather than his constituents. The 2017 tax bill included a tax loophole known as the “Kelly Kickback” which gives auto dealers a greater tax reduction on their loan interest. It was a top priority of the auto dealers’ lobby, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). The NADA has given Kelly over $60,000 since he first ran for Congress in 2009 — the second-highest amount of any contributor to his campaigns.

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