What PA Democrats Did on Election Night [A Note from Chair Nancy Mills]


When Pennsylvanians organize, Pennsylvania Democrats win. We saw that Tuesday as voter turnout surged and our Democratic candidates won groundbreaking victories.

Atop the ballot, Judge Dan McCaffery flipped a seat on the PA Superior Court, and Amanda Green-Hawkins earned more votes than any woman of color in PA history. We’re still watching Amanda’s race as it approaches an automatic recount.

Across our commonwealth, tireless local organizing flipped counties and offices that had been red for generations—including a clean sweep in one county we haven’t won since the Civil War.

We made history by dismantling the GOP machine to take control of five counties: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh, and Monroe. We’re now better positioned to turn Pennyslvania’s suburbs dark blue next year.

There is still hard work to be done, though.

Republican turnout kept pace with ours statewide, and we saw setbacks in western PA communities where we’d recently made groundbreaking progress.

Addressing those issues is PA Democrats’ top priority as we charge into 2020. You can donate here to power more organizing and outreach in rural and western PA.

We now turn towards 2020 encouraged, emboldened, and with a clear track record of Democratic victories: from Conor Lamb and Pam Iovino’s special elections, to last year’s blue wave, to the history made on Tuesday.

Make no mistake: Democrats are fired up, united, and ready to work around the clock to ensure Pennsylvania goes blue in 2020.

To all the Democratic donors, organizers, activists, and voters reading this: We’re proud to have you with us in the fight for Pennsylvania’s future. Thank you for everything you do!

Nancy Patton Mills
Chairwoman | PA Democratic Party

Our success will reach across the commonwealth if we invest early and often. Chip in to redouble organizing efforts in hardworking communities all over Pennsylvania.