Senator Decides To Silence Witnesses, Prevent Evidence

PENNSYLVANIA – Today, Pat Toomey voted against calling witnesses in the Senate’s impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Last week, a new poll by the Public Policy Polling revealed that nearly 2/3rds of Pennsylvania voters want him to vote to call witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial. 

“Pat Toomey is a fraud who will do anything — including covering up Donald Trump’s impeachable and indefensible offenses — to satisfy MItch McConnell and the corrupt President,” said Sinceré Harris, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “By refusing to call witnesses, Pat Toomey is encouraging Trump’s abuse of power and setting a dangerous precedent for the future of democracy. Pat Toomey is disregarding not only the constitution, but also the majority of Pennsylvanians who supported a fair trial with evidence and witnesses.”

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