As new reports reveal that Trump’s failures have led to 540,000 new unemployment claims in Pennsylvania, Senate Democrats secure much needed relief package

PENNSYLVANIA – Donald Trump’s failure to prepare for the coronavirus crisis has cost American lives, pushed our economy toward another recession and led to record breaking unemployment across Pennsylvania. To clean up his mess, Senator Bob Casey and Senate Democrats held strong in negotiations to secure key wins for Pennsylvania workers in the COVID-19 stimulus bill.

“President Trump’s failure to prepare for a COVID-19 outbreak has threatened the health and economic security of millions of Pennsylvanians. As this crisis worsens, he continues to ignore reality, mislead the public, and cause confusion,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Spokesperson Andres Anzola. “Thankfully, Senate Democrats are providing the leadership we need. While Pat Toomey and Washington Republicans pushed a blank check for corporations and the wealthy, Bob Casey and Democrats held their ground to fight for workers — not corporations. They secured key wins for working Pennsylvanians, hospitals, local governments, small businesses, students and much needed corporate oversight. The Democratic Party will always be the party that puts both the facts and the needs of everyday Americans first.” 

More on the Senate Package: Over the weekend, Trump and Senate Republicans proposed a relief package that put corporations first, and didn’t do enough to support workers, our hospitals, or our medical facilities. Democrats made clear that this was unacceptable. Thanks to a steadfast commitment workers and their families, here’s what Senate Democrats’ negotiations secured

  • For our health care system, a Marshall Plan to provide public health workers and hospitals with desperately needed resources;
  • For workers, a dramatic expansion and reform of the unemployment insurance program to increase benefits and cover more Americans for longer;
  • Strict oversight, transparency, and accountability of all corporate loans to prevent secret bailouts;
  • For state, local, and tribal governments that are propping up local health systems, billions in real resources;
  • For small businesses, a significant expansion of fast relief via grants and loan forgiveness;
  • For students, billions in emergency education funding and the elimination of the income tax on student loan repayment assistance.

More On Trump’s Mishandling of the Coronavirus Pandemic: 

  • As the coronavirus spread, Trump proposed cutting funding to Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and global health programs by tens of billions.
  • Trump eliminated critical staff who would have been responsible for leading the U.S. response to deadly pandemics, and the NSC’s director for medical and biodefense preparedness remains unfilled.
  • Roughly two-thirds of Trump’s appointees who attended a pre-inauguration briefing on the possibility of a global pandemic are no longer serving in Trump’s chaotic administration.
  • More than two months after the outbreak began, Trump is only now beginning the process of mobilizing a whole-of-government response to the pandemic.
  • Trump has failed to deploy the full resources of the federal government to mitigate the crisis, and hospitals, health professionals, and schools, continue to say they have not received proper guidance and assistance from the Trump administration.
  • The Trump administration is backing a lawsuit to overturn the ACA, which could cause 21 million Americans to lose coverage, and Trump has expanded “junk” insurance plans that don’t protect patients with preexisting conditions or provide comprehensive coverage, including for things like coronavirus testing or treatment.