There are Still Three Special Elections on March 17th


Despite precautionary calls for postponement from Governor Wolf and state Democrats, the special elections for PA House Districts 8, 18, and 58 are still set for Tuesday, March 17th.

The PA Democratic Party understands there’s a lot to do and think about right now, but the challenge of COVID-19 only makes it more important to  put good, strong leaders in Harrisburg right away. Harold Hayes, Phil Heasley, and Rob Prah need your vote!

Here’s everything Pennsylvania voters need to know about safely and responsibly casting ballots amidst COVID-19 mitigation measures.

How Poll Workers are Preparing Safe Polling Places

County officials, poll workers, and Democratic volunteers have gone above and beyond to prepare sanitary polling places! The following precautionary measures are being taken now to provide safe, sanitary ballot boxes:

  1. Local election officials will ensure that hand sanitizer and antibacterial supplies are available at every polling place.
  2. Poll workers will regularly wipe down all voting machines and high-touch surfaces throughout the polling location.
  3. All poll workers will be required to wear sanitary gloves and trained to practice excellent interpersonal hygiene.
  4. Crowd control measures will be in place to limit contact and maintain safe distance between all voters and election workers.

How You Can Make Voting Safer

We’re all in this this together, and there’s a lot you can do independently to protect yourself and others. Please follow these  precautions as you make your way to the polls:

  1. Wash or sanitize your hands immediately before and after voting.
  2. If you live in Bucks County, bring your own pen (black or blue ballpoint) to fill in the new paper ballots.
  3. If you’re able, vote during the periods of lowest traffic, like the mid-morning or mid-afternoon.
  4. Be extra mindful of personal space; limit your contact and try to keep three feet between you and other people.
  5. Share these safety measures with others in your community.

About Absentee Balloting

Pennsylvania’s new voting reforms do not apply to the special elections. Therefore, the absentee ballot period has closed, and we encourage all residents (who are not in a high-risk population) to cast a ballot in person on March 17th.

Looking forward to the Pennsylvania primary and future elections, Democrats are working hard to make mail-in balloting as easy and accessible as possible.

Rescheduling the Special Elections

Mike Turzai, Speaker of the PA House of Representatives, has sole authority to call and reschedule special elections in the PA House. Despite repeated calls to postpone the elections to a later date, Turzai has refused to do so.

How to Help Democrats Win

The best way to take action right now is calling Democratic voters from the safety of your home. Virtual phone banking shifts are available every day until Election Day on March 17th: