Donald Trump refuses to reverse course on his erratic trade policies — and it’s threatening jobs in Pennsylvania. Now, an AK Steel plant in Butler is at risk of closing because of Trump’s tariffs, and 1,500 jobs are on the line.

“Time and again, Trump’s erratic trade policy has killed Pennsylvania jobs and the latest news about AK Steel is no different,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Andres Anzola. “Working families are paying the price for the President’s reckless agenda. We need to make sure Democrats are elected up and down the ballot in November so our government can put workers first again.” 

Check out some of the coverage below on the impact of Trump’s erratic tariffs: 

Times Recorder: “If the 2018 steel tariffs, aimed at boosting U.S. National security, are not amended by next week, 100 local employees could lose their jobs [ along with 1,500 in Pennsylvania].

Lourenco Goncalves, CEO of Cleveland-Cliffs Inc., the company that is set to close on a $3 billion acquisition of AK Steel on March 13, testified before the Congressional Steel Caucus in Washington D.C. on Thursday, strongly advising better protection against imports of electrical steel products.

‘I’m talking about 1,500 jobs in Butler, Pennsylvania, and 100 jobs in Zanesville, Ohio, that will be gone. And I promise, they will be gone if I don’t get help,’ Goncalves said.”

Yahoo Finance: “[Goncalves] said he has warned Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross that the combined company would be forced to close the two plants, unless the laminations and cores are included in the Section 232 tariffs to stop “the absurd level of circumvention that comes through both Mexico and Canada.”

Trump has touted his tariffs as rebuilding the U.S. steel industry, while economists argue that they have increased costs for U.S. manufacturers, making them less competitive.” 

Butler Radio: “The CEO of the company poised to close on AK Steel later this week told lawmakers that unless his company receives tariff relief, he will be forced to close the plant in Butler.

Cleveland-Cliffs CEO Lourenco Goncalves testified before the Congressional Steel Caucus in Washington D.C. last Thursday.

“I’m closing on the deal. I understand numbers and I know what to do. I need help,” Goncalves said. “The workers in Butler, PA need help. I’m talking 1,500 jobs in Butler and 100 jobs in Zanesville, OH that will be gone. And I promise you they will be gone, if I don’t get help.”

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