PENNSYLVANIA — Yesterday, the Berks County GOP wrote a Facebook post critical of Pennsylvania State Police enforcing Governor Wolf’s shutdown order. The post read “ALL THIS BACKING DOWN HAS JUST EMBOLDENED THE NAZI Governor Tom Wolf.”

The rhetoric was swiftly condemned by the Philadelphia Anti-Defamation League. The post sat unaltered for over a day — it has since been edited, but not removed.

The Anti-Defamation League also condemned an earlier Berks County Republican Party post that contains a “symbol of white power.”

“This is outrageous and offensive conduct by the Berks County GOP,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Brendan Welch. “This kind of rhetoric regarding our Governor is revolting and intolerable. For the sake of basic common decency, Republican officials in Berks County — Congressman Dan Meuser, the county commissioners and the members of the Pennsylvania House and Senate — must immediately and forcefully condemn this hateful conduct, and take action to ensure it does not happen again.”

“Especially in this time of a global pandemic that does not care about geographical or political differences, the Berks County Democratic Committee was appalled at recent posts on the Berks County GOP Facebook page,” said Kevin Boughter, Chairman of the Berks County Democratic Committee. “While we certainly have policy differences with our Republican counterparts, we find it hard to believe that the Republican voters of Berks County are comfortable with the hateful, divisive references that their leadership has displayed. The citizens of Berks County — of both parties —  are better than this. We call on the Berks County GOP leadership and its elected officials to apologize for adopting white supremacist imagery, return to civility in discourse, and to always condemn expressions of hate and intolerance.”