As Trump visited a Lehigh Valley medical equipment distributor for a photo op, Pennsylvania Democrats exposed his Administration’s ongoing failures to address the coronavirus crisis. Check out some of the coverage below. 

Before Trump even arrived in Pennsylvania, Democrats pointed to his Administration’s inability to deliver on its promises on testing and personal protective equipment (PPE): 

USA Today: “Democratic National Committee spokeswoman Maddie McComb called Trump’s Pennsylvania visit an ‘inexcusable and brazenly political trip’ designed to ‘distract from Trump’s chaotic and ineffective coronavirus response.’

Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Andres Anzola described the factory tour as a cynical photo op. ‘His administration still doesn’t have the virus under control, and workers in Pennsylvania still don’t have access to adequate testing and (personal protective equipment),’ Anzola said.”

Politics PA: “The Pennsylvania Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee both issued statements criticizing Trump’s response to COVID-19. ‘Over 3,700 Pennsylvanians have lost their lives, but Donald Trump is still more interested in politics than public safety — that’s why his Administration has yet to get this virus under control,’ said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Andres Anzola. 

‘Instead of putting workers at risk with premature victory laps, the President should do his job and get Pennsylvanians the PPE and tests we need.’ The DNC shared a similar message and called Trump’s visit a ‘cheap political stunt.’”

Ahead of Trump’s remarks, key Democratic and labor leaders hosted a virtual press conference to call out his unwillingness to listen to medical experts and his politically motivated rush to open the country before securing enough tests and PPE for health care workers:

Lehigh Valley Live: “Pennsylvania Democrats Thursday blasted President Donald Trump ahead of his visit to an Upper Macungie Township distribution center, calling the move playing politics and a photo-op ploy to seek re-election in a battleground state. 

McClinton echoed she thought Trump shows far more interest in personal politics than the health and safety of families throughout Pennsylvania. “He is still not taking the decisive actions that we need him to take to stop the spread of the virus,” she said. “He continues to ignore the guidance of medical experts and he still has not delivered on the promises to secure enough masks or enough tests…

Street also expressed his dismay at the president’s arrival in the Lehigh Valley, saying Trump was putting his political interests ahead of the safety and welfare of state residents.“He’s coming to rally people to push them to violate social distancing guidelines, to ignore his own health experts, and to rebel against the governor’s efforts to keep us all safe,” Street said…

‘Our president … chose to put himself and his poll numbers and his prospects for re-election first,’ [UFCW President] Young said. ‘His first soul of duty to this nation is to protect the American people — whether they’re Democrats, Republicans, from red areas, blue areas … that’s his responsibility and he failed at it. He failed at it miserably.’”

WFMZ: “Some local lawmakers are calling out the Trump administration over its handling of the pandemic. State Representatives Peter Schweyer and Joanna McClinton joined members of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and local union leaders in a virtual news conference.

The group accuses the president of not sticking to facts or listening to medical experts, and they call his rush to reopen the state’s economy politically motivated.

‘The president is out there claiming victory, somehow, some way. But despite his promises, his rhetoric and his tweets, we still do not have enough tests to safely reopen in Allentown, the Lehigh Valley, and in Pennsylvania, and in large swaths of the United States,’ Rep. Schweyer (D-22) said. Schweyer also says workers in the area still don’t have enough personal protection equipment.”

Allentown Morning Call: “During his first visit to the Lehigh Valley, amid a coronavirus pandemic that forced a state shutdown two months ago, President Donald Trump on Thursday toured a medical supply distribution center that ships masks and other protective equipment across the country…

Critics blasted Trump’s decision to come to the Lehigh Valley, depicting it as a campaign photo op that would create health risks for workers at the facility and others.‘This is just an absolute shame,’ state Rep. Pete Schweyer, D-Allentown, said. ‘It’s a waste of resources, and he’s putting more people in danger.’”

WJAC-TV: “Ahead of President Trump’s visit to Allentown state democrats held a virtual press conference and party leaders say the main goal was to hold the Trump administration accountable for its continued mishandling of the crisis. The group says the President is putting his own political interests above the safety and welfare of Americans.

‘President Trump is going out of his way to try and put Pennsylvanians in an unhealthy and unsafe environment… and that’s just beyond unhelpful,’ said State Representative Peter Schweyer (D-Allentown).”

CBS21: “‘President Trump is not coming to the Lehigh Valley because he wants to thank the workers at Owens and Minor, he is coming here because his polling numbers are sagging,’ said State Rep. Peter Schweyer, 22nd District. 

‘This man, whose very home is infected with COVID-19, should not be touring a distribution facility of much needed PPE for a photo op. This virus is hitting our communities of color, front line workers and seniors hardest, the very people Donald Trump cares least about. Political stunts aren’t going to increase testing, protect people’s jobs or keep our most vulnerable neighbors safe.’”

Following Trump’s photo op, Chairwoman Mills issued a response highlighting his ongoing failure to deliver for Pennsylvanians:

Philadelphia Inquirer: “Trump has faced intense criticism over his administration’s response to the pandemic, as testing has lagged expert recommendations and states were left to fend largely for themselves in the early months of the crisis, competing with one another for hard-to-find gear…

‘Donald Trump’s visit was nothing more than a photo op to distract from the fact that his administration doesn’t have this virus under control,’ Pennsylvania Democratic Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills said in a statement. ‘The number of infections is still growing, and he still hasn’t provided us the tests and [protective equipment] we need. Pennsylvanians deserve a president who puts their health and safety ahead of politics.’”