PENNSYLVANIA —  Today, Pennsylvania Democratic Party released the following statement on John Bolton’s account that Donald Trump has always been weak on China, failed to stand up to President Xi Jinping in trade negotiations, encouraged China to continue human rights abuses, and even asked Xi to help him win the 2020 presidential election. 

“Time and time again, Trump’s failure to stand up to the Chinese government has put the health, safety, and economic security of Pennsylvania families at risk,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Andres Anzola. “He started a trade war that pushed our farmers and manufacturers to the brink and failed to secure a meaningful trade deal with the Chinese government despite repeated promises to do so. He not only failed to do anything to prevent the human rights abuses perpetrated against the Uyghurs, but allegedly approved of the concentration camps in which they are detained. And he continues to downplay the severity of the coronavirus to keep Xi Jinping happy and recruit the Chinese government’s assistance in his reelection campaign. Pennsylvanians see through Trump’s broken promises on China. We deserve better.”