2024 Delegate Selection Plan

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party is excited to move forward on our role in selection the Pennsylvania delegation to the Democratic National Committee’s 2024 Presidential convention, which will be held in Chicago from August 19-22, 2024.

Our next step is to adopt a formal Delegate Selection Plan.  A copy is below.  Your input and comments are welcome. 

2024 Delegate Selection Plan as Approved June-3-2023

Press Release of May 1, 2023

Please submit any comments about the plan that you would like to be considered via electronic mail to Feedback2024DSP@padems.com by May 30, 2024.  All comments must include your name, address, phone number, and the Section of the plan about which you are providing comment.  Your comments will be made available to all State Committee members before they vote on the plan.  Thank you.