Dush would rather gas up the fraudit than help his district increase its abysmal vaccination rate

PENNSYLVANIA — Jake Corman is in damage control mode. His taxpayer-funded fraudit and his move to put 9 million Pennsylvanians’ social security and driver’s license numbers at risk are tremendously unpopular —  so his fraudit ally Cris Dush penned a desperate op-ed trying to justify it with made-up statistics about meteor strikes.

Earth to Cris Dush: there are plenty of real, factual numbers and statistics that deserve far more attention than the Big Lies you are wasting the peoples’ time and money on.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the lives, livelihoods, and health of Pennsylvanians — and according to numbers just released by the Wolf Administration, Dush’s district is currently only 38.4% vaccinated, the 3rd lowest in the state. Dush, who last year compared the Wolf Administration’s COVID response to Nazi Germany, has failed to promote vaccinations, masks or COVID safety measures to his constituents. He called Governor Wolf’s mask mandate “rooted more in perception than reality” but has plenty to say about the fraudit, even urging his constituents to sign up for “Election Investigation Email Alerts.”

“There are real problems facing Pennsylvania families, but Corman, Dush, and Harrisburg Republicans are only focused on taxpayer-funded identity theft and ridiculous far-right election conspiracy theories,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Brendan Welch. “Day after day, month after month we wait for them to support vaccinations, COVID safety measures, or efforts to reduce gun violence in our communities — but all they do is waste our time yelling about the far-right Twitter trend of the day. Let’s tell it like it is: you are more likely to be struck by a meteor than see Harrisburg Republicans solve a real problem.”