With less than a month left in the race, Oz has still yet to address some of the most important issues

PENNSYLVANIA – Mehmet Oz has repeatedly dodged the most important issues in this race, demonstrating time and time again that he cannot be trusted in the Senate.

See below for just some of the issues Oz refuses to address:

Why is Oz hiding his stance on the GOP national abortion ban? 

Oz has repeatedly dodged questions regarding the GOP’s national abortion ban. Oz thinks he can hide his radical anti-choice positions behind gibberish statements, but we remember that Oz called abortion at any stage of the pregnancy “murder” and has said he’d support bans on abortion, even in cases of rape or incest.

Why is Oz not living in the PA house he bought? 

As reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer, while Oz has repeatedly said he is not living in his $3.1M manor house because it is undergoing renovations, there are no construction permits filed in the township where the house sits. This is the same house that Oz secured a $50k tax credit by taking advantage of a program meant for farmers

What did Oz promise Trump to get his endorsement? 

Reporting in The Washington Post revealed Donald Trump “told advisers that he needs people such as Pennsylvania Senate nominee Mehmet Oz (R) in office in case the election is challenged in 2024 or they try to impeach him again.

Oz won the primary by amplifying Trump’s baseless conspiracy theories, going as far as to say “we cannot move on from the 2020 election.” 

Oz has attempted to rewrite history and even attempted to scrub Trump  from his website.

What role did Oz have in the death of 300 dogs? 

Columbia’s internal investigation found that Oz’s research team inflicted extensive suffering on canine test subjects in violation of the Animal Welfare Act.”

When asked about this reporting, the Oz campaign called the reporter stupid and changed the subject…which is not a denial.

Does Oz regret endangering his viewers in order to benefit himself?

The Washington Post published a bombshell report that further exposes Mehmet Oz’s history of pushing “potentially dangerous products” on his TV show. The groundbreaking report is just the latest example of Oz being a scam artist Pennsylvanians cannot trust. 

Oz has proven time and time again that Pennsylvania voters cannot trust him in the Senate. Pennsylvanians need someone they trust to fight for them in the Senate.