Trump cites Bill McSwain’s desperate love note in a new letter — but there’s still no evidence McSwain did anything to investigate “allegations” of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

PENNSYLVANIA — Bill McSwain’s desperate letter is still making waves over six months later, and now, Donald Trump himself is citing the former U.S. Attorney’s letter as evidence of “many corrupt things that happened in Philadelphia” in the 2020 presidential election — even though McSwain did nothing to investigate those supposed “allegations” as U.S. Attorney.

McSwain continues to claim his office received “allegations” of voter fraud, but he never opened an investigation or announced the results of an investigation. Bill Barr called McSwain’s excuses “just false” and said McSwain “wanted to not do the business of the department, which is to investigate cases, but instead go out and flap his gums.” 

McSwain’s hypocrisy has continued in his campaign for Governor as he includes a picture with Donald Trump in ads running on FOX News, but conspicuously removes the picture with him from those same ads on broadcast TV.

In case you missed yesterday’s article in The Philadelphia Inquirer highlighting the new mess McSwain has found himself in, check it out below:

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Donald Trump keeps dragging Bill McSwain into his fight with Bill Barr

By Chris Brennan, 03/07/22

The war of words between Donald Trump and Bill Barr has again dragged former U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain back into the 2020 election as McSwain campaigns in this year’s Republican primary for Pennsylvania governor.

The former president, in a letter last week to NBC News anchor Lester Holt, claimed that Barr, as Trump’s attorney general, didn’t let McSwain “look into the many corrupt things that happened in Philadelphia.”

The letter, like most of what Trump says about the 2020 election, is a litany of debunked claims. It came in response to an interview Barr did ahead of of his memoir, “One Damn Thing After Another,” being released Tuesday.

Barr told NBC Trump became “very angry” in a December 2020 White House meeting when Barr told the president his election fraud claims were “bull—.”

McSwain, in a letter to Trump last June seeking an endorsement, complained that Barr told him “not to make any public statements or put out any press releases regarding possible election irregularities.” He also wrote that he was “given a directive to pass along serious allegations” to state Attorney General Josh Shapiro, now the only established Democrat running for governor.

The letter did not specifically say Barr prevented McSwain from investigating voter fraud.

Barr told The Inquirer last July that he had given McSwain “discretion to look into any specific, credible allegations of major fraud,” but that McSwain was more interested in making “political statements.”

“He wanted to not do the business of the department, which is to investigate cases, but instead go out and flap his gums about what he didn’t like about the election overall,” Barr said then.

Barr also said he confronted McSwain about the letter last summer and McSwain told him he wrote it because “he was under pressure from Trump and for him to have a viable candidacy he couldn’t have Trump attacking him.”