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The PA GOP Needs a Plan to Fight White Supremacy

  White supremacy is an evil as old as America, but it clearly finds itself today with renewed focus and energy. We all share a duty to condemn hateful words or actions that allow it to spread. In that simple duty, the PA Republican Party is failing, and the evidence is etched across the bigoted ... Read more

PA Watch Parties and Viewing Guide for Democratic Debate Round II

  The second round of Democratic Presidential Primary debates takes place over two nights—July 30 and July 31—in Detroit. Each night features ten Democratic hopefuls sharing their 2020 vision on the debate stage! The debates begin at 8:00 PM ET both nights. Here’s how to watch with local Democrats or at home from your couch. ... Read more

How PA Democrats Are Fighting for Women

  Live from King of Prussia, PA, Lara Trump will soon launch Women for Trump: a coalition dedicated to recruiting women to vote for Donald Trump.  We imagine it’ll be a pretty small group, given that the Trump administration’s policies have been a devastating setback for women across Pennsylvania.  On the other hand PA Democrats are working tirelessly ... Read more

How Democrats Fight Racial Injustice, 55 Years After the Civil Rights Act

  Today, July 2, 2019, we mark the 55th Anniversary of enactment of the Civil Rights Act. A crowning achievement of the Civil Rights Movement, that landmark law protects African-Americans’ right to vote and combats racial segregation in public arenas. But decades later, the promise of the Civil Rights Act remains, in many ways, unfulfilled. At ... Read more

A Year After JANUS, PA Unions Stand Strong

  The Supreme Court’s Janus vs. AFSCME decision of 2018 struck a powerful blow against the unions in this country. The anti-worker groups funding the case thought they’d quickly cripple organized labor by driving public employees to leave their unions.  Today, anti-union billionaires are spending millions to destroy unions in Pennsylvania, and the interest groups ... Read more

How to Watch the First 2020 Presidential Primary Debate from PA

  The first 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary debate takes place over two nights—June 26 and June 27—in Miami. Each night features ten Democratic hopefuls sharing their 2020 vision on a debate stage for the first time! The debates begin at 9:00 PM ET both nights. Here’s how to watch with local Democrats or at home ... Read more

Congressional Democrats passed all these bills. Republicans killed them.

  Since retaking the US House, Democrats have passed dozens of bold proposals to make everyday life better for ordinary Americans: targeting issues like pay inequity, high drug costs, climate crisis, and more. Every single bill was dead on arrival in Republicans’ do-nothing US Senate, and Americans are suffering because the GOP won’t get to work. ... Read more

Expose the Trump-Toomey Tax Scam: Social Sharing Center

  In 2017, Donald Trump and Pat Toomey knowingly sold Pennsylvania snake-oil. The tax cuts they swore would revitalize the middle-class have delivered nothing but a windfall for their ultra-wealthy patrons. Help expose their Tax Scam on Tax Day by sharing these tweets, articles, and graphics on social media!   How Real Pennsylvanians Fared Truth ... Read more

Pennsylvania’s Black History-Makers of Today

  All February long, we’ve been recognizing Pennsylvania’s contemporary black leaders in honor of Black History Month. It’s time you get to know these black earth-shakers, history-makers, and barrier-breakers in Pennsylvania politics! Senator Sharif Street represents Philadelphia in the PA Senate and is Vice Chair of the PA Democratic Party. As senator, Sharif leads on ... Read more

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