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Four GOP Congressmen Suing to Restrict Vote By Mail Have a History of Voting By Mail

Four GOP Congressmen Suing to Restrict Vote By Mail Have a History of Voting By Mail

On Monday, Western Pennsylvania’s Republican Congressmen Mike Kelly, Guy Reschenthaler, John Joyce, and Glenn Thompson joined Donald Trump in a harebrained lawsuit to suppress votes and make mail-in voting harder. It’s well documented that—despite his lies about unproven fraud—Trump himself has voted by mail, and it turns out so have his GOP lapdogs. All four ... Read more


PENNSYLVANIA — Today, thousands of far-right protestors arrived in Harrisburg to protest Pennsylvania’s social distancing guidelines, which are grounded in science, data, and consultation with health care experts. The protestors did not practice social distancing, shouted at health care workers, and celebrated President Trump’s endorsement of similar rallies across the country. And who was in ... Read more

Governor Wolf’s Plan for Pennsylvania [COVID-19 Update & Resources]

  On April 17th, Governor Wolf and state health officials released their newest plan to defeat COVID-19 and lead Pennsylvania back to prosperity. It's a plan backed by science, data, and the needs of everyday people, and we think it's important that every Pennsylvanian read it to understand the road ahead. READ THE PLAN The ... Read more

There are Still Three Special Elections on March 17th

  Despite precautionary calls for postponement from Governor Wolf and state Democrats, the special elections for PA House Districts 8, 18, and 58 are still set for Tuesday, March 17th. The PA Democratic Party understands there’s a lot to do and think about right now, but the challenge of COVID-19 only makes it more important ... Read more

Here Are Some Questions We’d Like Trump To Answer In Scranton Tonight

By State Rep. Marty Flynn (HD-113, Lackawanna County) Town hall meetings have a long and storied history in our nation. When done right, they give everyday voters a chance to press politicians on their record — and tonight, Scranton gets a chance to ask questions directly to the President of the United States.  I know voters ... Read more

Here’s Everything Donald Trump Cares About More Than You or Your Family

  Donald Trump has spent a shocking amount of time on Twitter since taking office. He tweets so much his Twitter account serves as a written record of his deepest thoughts and concerns. So what is Donald Trump thinking about? » Is he mulling how he could reduce the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs? (No.)» Is ... Read more

PA Democrats’ 2019 In Review

While most of the country skipped straight to 2020, Pennsylvania Democrats buckled down and won big throughout the commonwealth in 2019. From historic local wins to game-changing special elections and big progress in Harrisburg, here’s everything we did together this year! CONTRIBUTE

Help PA Families Hurt by Trump’s SNAP Cuts

At least the Grinch stopped at Christmas. Donald Trump and Republicans, on the other hand, will make PA families go hungry year round. Just before the holidays, they’re rolling out plans to cut nutritional assistance for millions, including at least 75,000 PA families. President Trump’s proposed #SNAP rules could leave 3.7 million Americans hungry – ... Read more

What PA Democrats Did on Election Night [A Note from Chair Nancy Mills]

  When Pennsylvanians organize, Pennsylvania Democrats win. We saw that Tuesday as voter turnout surged and our Democratic candidates won groundbreaking victories. Atop the ballot, Judge Dan McCaffery flipped a seat on the PA Superior Court, and Amanda Green-Hawkins earned more votes than any woman of color in PA history. We’re still watching Amanda’s race ... Read more

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