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How to Catch Barack Obama’s Return to Pennsylvania

  President Barack Obama is returning to the campaign trail with Senator Casey, Governor Wolf, and many more of our Democratic candidates. Here’s how you can be part of his rally to turn Pennsylvania blue. Join Us Live A handful of complimentary tickets to the rally are available for pick-up at PA Dems’ field offices ... Read more

How Workers and Democrats Work Better Together

  America struggles when those who work hard can’t prosper. That’s why labor unions and worker protections are crucial to the American Dream, and therefore, the Democratic Party. At a time when Republicans shamelessly side with CEOs and stockholders over middle-class families, it’s more important than ever that Democrats and workers stick together. Here’s how ... Read more

Four Things To Do Instead of Watching Trump in Pennsylvania

  Tonight, Donald Trump will take the stage with Senator Casey’s opponent, Lou Barletta, in Wilkes-Barre, PA. And while we understand the temptation to follow along and fume at him, the PA Dems encourage you to use that time more constructively. Here are four ways you can help Dems win (in 1/2 the time Trump ... Read more

What State Dems Can Pass If We Flip the PA House and Senate

  Nobody plays more partisan games than Harrisburg Republicans, and a wave of progressive proposals are being held back because of it. But with enough seats flipped in November, legislative Dems can move PA forward with important legislation that Governor Wolf supports but are currently stuck in the Harrisburg muck. Here are just some of ... Read more

PA Dems Lead on Criminal Justice Reform

  When Governor Wolf signed the Clean Slate Act into law this week, PA became the first state in the country to automatically seal records for qualified offenses. For thousands of Pennsylvanians, that means a long-awaited fresh start. Their past can no longer prevent them from getting that dream job, loan, or home they really need! ... Read more

Why We Support Tom Wolf for Governor

  In just over three years, Governor Tom Wolf  has transformed Pennsylvania into a fairer, safer, and more productive commonwealth for all its residents. He’s saved our schools from crippling budget cuts, expanded healthcare to 720,000 people, fought the opioid crisis on every front, and stood up for the marginalized and endangered at every opportunity. We ... Read more

PA Dems are Fighting to Keep Families Together

  Pennsylvania Democrats are unified and resolute in their calls to end Trump’s policy of family separation at the border. We won’t rest until this cruel and unjust policy ends. Here’s what is happening and how you can help. CONGRESSIONAL ACTION Senator Bob Casey is sponsoring the Keeping Families Together Act alongside every Democratic senator. ... Read more

#PenceInPhilly: Activists Rally against Inhumane Border Tactics

  Last night, so-called “blue collar” candidate Scott Wagner, VP Mike Pence, and the Philadelphia elite attended a $50,000/plate fundraiser at one of the city’s swankiest hotels. Meanwhile, 2,000+ children remained interred in deplorable conditions on the US-Mexico border. In response, grassroots activists spilled into the streets of downtown Philly in peaceful protest, sending one ... Read more

Four Things to Celebrate and Strive for this Pride Month

  June is National Pride Month, and PA Dems are pumped up and proud to celebrate our LGBTQ neighbors and friends! But even as we celebrate, we recognize that massive progress is needed before the LGBTQ community is equally protected and represented in PA. Here’s what we have on our minds this Pride Month (and ... Read more

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