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Judge Dan McCaffery

PA Bar Rating – Highly Recommended: Judge Dan McCaffery is an experienced jurist known for his high degree of professionalism, good judicial temperament and strong work ethic. His legal career has taken several paths that allowed the candidate to attain substantial experience in a variety of areas. He served as an assistant district attorney of Philadelphia from 1991 to 1996, rising to a leadership role in the Major Trials Unit. He was employed from 1997 to 2000 as an associate and from 2001 to 2013 as a partner in a law firm. He served as a judge on the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas between 2014 and 2019, and during his tenure made several important administrative contributions. From January 2020 to present, he has served ably as a Superior Court of Pennsylvania judge. He has a sound knowledge of legal principles. His opinions and legal writings are well written and well-reasoned. In addition, the candidate has a demonstrated record of community involvement. Before commencing his legal education, he served on active duty in the U.S. Army for two years followed by a four-year commitment in the Army Reserve. Because of his broad experience as a practicing attorney, proven record of judicial leadership, high ethical standards and dedication to the legal profession and the community, the commission is confident the candidate would serve with distinction as a Supreme Court justice and, therefore, highly recommends his candidacy. (PA Bar Association 2023) 


Jill Beck

PA Bar Rating – Highly Recommended: Jill Beck practices in the areas of commercial litigation, discrimination and appellate matters at a law firm. She previously served in clerkships for the Superior Court of Pennsylvania and Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, where she gained a decade of appellate court experience drafting hundreds of opinions related to civil, criminal, family and juvenile law and orphan’s court matters. Prior to her clerkships, the candidate practiced at KidsVoice Inc., managing an extensive caseload of matters related to abused and neglected children. The candidate is active in organized bar associations and is highly regarded by members of the bench and bar. She is intelligent, focused and displays a temperament exhibiting patience, open-mindedness, tact and humility. She possesses the highest combination of legal ability, experience and integrity. The commission is confident the candidate is capable of outstanding performance as a Superior Court of Pennsylvania judge and highly recommends her candidacy. (PA Bar Association 2023) 

Judge Timika Lane

PA Bar Rating – Highly Recommended: Judge Timika Lane has served on the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia County since 2013. Her trial court experience is extensive. She has overseen criminal appeals from the Philadelphia Municipal Court, presided over criminal cases in the Major Trials program, and handled investigative grand jury matters. Currently, she is assigned to the court’s Civil Trial Division, handling civil motions and jury/bench trials. The candidate’s writing is well-reasoned, clear and concise. Prior to her tenure on the court, she spent more than a decade in private practice with a majority of her practice related to family law. She also previously served as a public defender, civil arbitrator, child advocate and chief counsel. She demonstrates her commitment to the legal profession by serving as an instructor for continuing legal education courses and other educational activities. The candidate has extensive community involvement, demonstrating her commitment to public service. The commission is confident the candidate is capable of outstanding performance as a Superior Court of Pennsylvania judge and highly recommends her candidacy. (PA Bar Association 2023) 


Judge Matt Wolf

PA Bar Rating – Recommended: Judge Matt Wolf is the Supervising Civil Judge of the Philadelphia Municipal Court (PMC) and has profoundly impacted the landscape of civil justice in the region. Under his leadership, the court witnessed the inception and evolution of the eviction diversion program, heralded as a “national model,” which has significantly benefited thousands of at-risk households. Prior to his esteemed tenure at the PMC, Judge Wolf practiced law in the Delaware Valley, predominantly championing civil rights, wherein his meticulous efforts culminated in several favorable verdicts. This former litigator showcased his expertise before high courts, even securing a win at the New Jersey Supreme Court. Judge Wolf’s exemplary military service in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, marked by commendations like the Bronze Star Medal, speaks to his unparalleled dedication and valor. His continual liaison with major stakeholders, efforts to modernize the Civil Division, and contribution to legal best practices demonstrate a commitment to equity and justice. Given his extensive experience, unwavering integrity, and vast legal knowledge, the commission is confident in Judge Wolf’s capability for outstanding performance as a Superior Court of Pennsylvania judge and fervently recommends his candidacy. (PA Bar Association 2023) 

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