Our Candidates

Vote for Dr. Jenn in the special election August 20th

Jennifer Rager-Kay for PA House District 85

Dr. Jenn is running to flip a longtime Republican seat in a special election for the PA House.

She’s a middle-class mom, a UPMC doctor, and the daughter of a union coal miner. As such, she’s seen firsthand, all her life, how our healthcare, political, and economic system are stacked against rural Pennsylvanians.

Dr. Jenn sees Republicans have lost their way. They no longer defend workers, invest in everyday Pennsylvanians, or do the work needed to rebuild our rural communities.

As state representative, Dr. Jenn will work to expand healthcare access, defend workers’ rights, raise the wage, and restore accountability in Harrisburg!


Elect Amanda Green-Hawkins on November 5

Amanda Green-Hawkins for Superior Court

Amanda Green-Hawkins is running for statewide election to the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

Amanda has devoted her legal career to serving working families as attorney for labor unions. She also serves on Allegheny City Council and in dozens of PA charitable organizations.

Amanda was a DNC delegate in 2016 and has volunteered her time for voter protection in elections dating back to 2008.


Elect Judge Dan McCaffery on November 5, 2019

Judge Dan McCaffery for Superior Court

Judge Dan McCaffery is running for statewide election to the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

Since 2013, Judge McCaffery has served on Philadelphia’s Court of Commonwealth Pleas. Prior, he served in the US Army, graduated from Temple Law, and spent 28 years as an attorney.

Judge McCaffery is highly recommended by the PA Bar Association.


Vote "Yes" to Retain Judge Lazarus on November 5, 2019

Judge Anne Lazarus for Retention

Judge Anne Lazarus is running statewide for retention on Pennsylvania’s Superior Court.

Every ten years, Superior Court judges undergo a Yes/No retention vote on whether their term should be extended to another ten years.

Judge Lazarus has been a fair and principled steward of justice for the past decade. She is an ally of workers, women, and communities of color, and she’s more than deserving of a continued term on the court.