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2019 Special Election Candidates

Pennsylvania has set four special elections to fill vacant seats in US Congress and the PA General Assembly. Meet the Democratic candidates running to win those races across the state!

Vote Marc Friedenberg for Congress on May 21, 2019

Marc Friedenberg, PA-12

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Marc is running to flip PA Congressional District 12, formerly held by Tom Marino. In doing so, he can bring modern leadership and a Democratic voice that’s sorely missed in much of North-Central PA.

Marc isn’t a career politician. He’s a Penn State professor, family man, and healthcare activist. He’s also a former lawyer who sued the Wall Street banks that preyed on the families of rural Pennsylvania.

As a Congressman, Marc will bring us one step closer to progress by fighting for Democratic priorities like stronger unions, higher wages, healthcare security, and investments in green energy.

Marc Friedenberg the only right choice for North-Central PA.


Vote Pam Iovino for PA Senate on April 2, 2019

Pam Iovino, SD-37

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Pam is running to flip PA Senate District 37, formerly held by Guy Reschenthaler. In doing so, she can move Democrats within three seats of controlling the state senate.

Pam is a lifelong public servant. She served in the US Navy for twenty-three years and then as Assistant Secretary for Veterans Affairs.

As a PA Senator, she’ll be a strong ally for Governor Wolf in the fight to raise wages, expand healthcare, secure retirement, and improve our schools.

Pam’s district covers parts of Allegheny County and Washington County, just southeast of Pittsburgh.


Vote Bridget for PA House on March 12, 2019

Bridget Malloy Kosierowski, HD-114

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Bridget is running to keep PA House District 114 blue in a special election. Her district covers parts of Lackawanna County just northwest of Scranton.

As a nurse and the mom of a leukemia survivor, Bridget sees first-hand how tough it can be caring for a family in Lackawanna County. She never planned to hold public office, but she’s stepping up and running to fix the issues she sees every day.

In Harrisburg, Bridget will fight to make life a bit easier for Northeast PA families–focusing on progress like improving healthcare coverage, raising the minimum wage, and ensuring equal pay for equal work.


Vote Movita for PA House on March 12, 2019

Movita Johnson-Harrell, HD-190

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Movita is running to keep PA House District 190 blue in a special election. Her district lies within West Philadelphia.

Having lost a child to gun violence, Movita has spent much of her life advocating for victims of violence. She previously oversaw Victim Services within the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office, and she remains a tireless activist for gun safety.

Movita will also bring needed diversity to the legislature. She’ll be one of too few women of color and the first Muslim woman ever to serve in the legislature.

In Harrisburg, Movita will fight to force action on gun safety and close the opportunity gap within Pennsylvania’ cities.