Dave White’s campaign is all about catering to the MAGA base, and now, he’s boasting about support from “one of Trump’s closest!”

PENNSYLVANIA — Dave White has already made “election integrity” a central part of his campaign, endorsed Harrisburg Republicans’ sham election “audit,” and is “a self-described supporter of Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda” — and now he’s touting the endorsement of “one of Trump’s closest!” — controversial Big Lie enthusiast Richard Grenell.

Last week, White sent out an email bragging about earning an endorsement from Trump’s former Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell. Grenell infamously claimed that the real victim of the Jan. 6 insurrection was actually Donald Trump, saying on Twitter, “January 6th was a terrible day because it’s the day Big Tech and the media kicked President Trump off Twitter and silenced his voice.” In fact, 140 police officers were injured defending the U.S. Capitol and Americans lost their lives in the attack on our democracy. 

Grenell himself has long been a champion of unhinged election conspiracy theories, holding a press conference in Nevada with Matt Schlapp a few days after the 2020 election to allege “rampant fraud in the state.” 

“Dave White is all-in on Trump and the MAGA base — championing the Big Lie, endorsing sham election audits that risk Pennsylvanians’ personal private information, and supporting Trump’s devastating ‘American First’ agenda — and now he’s touting an endorsement from a Trump ally who’s parroted dangerous ridiculous conspiracy theories,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “While White doubles down on far-right litmus tests to win the ‘Trump Primary’ and build on his over 20 years in office, Pennsylvanians see him for what he really is: a career politician who cares more about appealing to Trump than tackling the issues Pennsylvanians face right now.”

Dave White joins his fellow GOP candidates who are eagerly catering to the MAGA base, campaigning with insurrectionists, boasting about their MAGA bonafides directly to conspiracy theorists with appearances on Steve Bannon’s show and at “extreme anti-government group” the Berks County Patriots’ meetings.