Washington Examiner: Pennsylvania Republicans Hit The Panic Button Over Senate Nominee Lou Barletta

* Senior Republicans are sounding the alarm about Rep. Lou Barletta’s, R-Pa., struggling Senate campaign in Pennsylvania, fretting that his lackadaisical, disorganized effort will hand a third term to incumbent Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa. * “The sense is, nobody knows what the fuck he’s doing,” a Republican strategist with Pennsylvania ties said, requesting anonymity in ... Read more

City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart, Reps. Donna Bullock, Brian Sims Discuss Why Scott Wagner Is The Very Worst Of Harrisburg

City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart and State Representatives Donna Bullock and Brian Sims gathered in Philadelphia the day after the GOP nominated Harrisburg insider Scott Wagner to be their gubernatorial nominee to call out his record of putting special interests ahead of Pennsylvanians. Scott Wagner has led the charge to block efforts to change Harrisburg and ... Read more

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Statement On Republican Senate Primary Results

Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Brandon Cwalina issued the following statement on Lou Barletta’s nomination: “Congressman Lou Barletta has built his long political career on spreading fear, dividing communities, and scapegoating immigrants. He’s spent his time in Congress voting in lockstep with Paul Ryan’s agenda of slashing taxes for large corporations and the wealthy while attacking ... Read more

GOP Gubernatorial Candidates On The Issues: Scott Wagner Is An Anti-worker Hack

With just a few days to go until the Pennsylvania primaries, we thought voters would like a look into how the gubernatorial candidates’ policies will affect Pennsylvanians. Today we’ll look at how Scott Wagner as governor would hurt Pennsylvania’s workers. “Scott Wagner is an anti-worker hack who wants to roll back worker protections and make ... Read more

Paul Mango Rubs Elbows With White-Supremacists

Yesterday, Pittsburgh City Paper reported that Paul Mango was in attendance at a rally in Harrisburg with members of the American Guard, an organization which the Anti-Defamation League has labeled a white supremacy group. “It’s absolutely appalling that Paul Mango would rally with white supremacists,” said Beth Melena, communications director for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. ... Read more

BREAKING: Governor Scott Wagner Would Sign A 6-Week Abortion Ban

This morning, PennLive reported that House Republicans are pushing a new 6-week abortion ban bill which would be the most restrictive abortion law in the country. In fact, many women do not even know they are pregnant at 6 weeks. Anti-choice warrior and Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner says he would sign the bill into ... Read more

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