Governor Wolf Releases 2017 Tax Returns, Scott Wagner Continues To Hide

Last week, Governor Tom Wolf made his 2017 tax returns available, as reported by the Associated Press. Meanwhile, his Republican opponent, Scott Wagner, is the first gubernatorial candidate in more than 20 years not to release his tax returns. This comes at the same time that his company, Penn Waste, is raising rates on small ... Read more

Scott Perry Does Not Stand With Workers

The White House’s Freeze On Federal Employee Wage Increases Comes On The Heels Of Perry’s Vote To Reduce Wages Today, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party issued the following statement on Scott Perry and Donald Trump’s attack on the paychecks of federal workers. Last week, the Trump Administration told Congress it plans to cancel a planned wage ... Read more

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Announces Replacement Candidate In House District 67

The Executive Committee of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, after receiving a recommendation from the Cameron, Mckean and Potter county Democratic committees, voted this week to nominate Maryanne Cole to fill the vacancy on the ballot for the general election. Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills issued the following statement: “Maryanne Cole is running to ... Read more

Republican Brian Fitzpatrick Endorsed By Extremist Tea Party Organization Dedicated To Taking Away Health Care

Fitzpatrick’s True Colors Show Once Again With Tea Party Express Endorsement Today, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party issued the following statement on Brian Fitzpatrick’s endorsement by the Tea Party Express, an extremist right-wing organization. In their endorsement of Fitzpatrick, Tea Party Express advocates for “the repeal of Obamacare” and says that “Our best hope is to ... Read more

Pennsylvania Republican Candidates Must Condemn Congressional Leadership Fund’s Shady Attack on Former CIA Officer

Paul Ryan’s Super PAC Improperly Obtained The Security Clearance Application Of A Democratic Candidate To Use For Political Smears Today, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party issued the following statement on the Paul Ryan-linked super PAC, Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), improperly obtaining the security clearance application of former CIA officer Abigail Spanberger and using it for dishonest ... Read more

Barletta Must Resign From Hate Group Board Following Racist Abuse Complaint

FAIR’s Top Management Used Racial Slurs and Mocked Medical Condition of the Organization’s Sole Latino Employee Last year, Congressman Barletta boasted that he was “proud” to sit on the advisory board of the hate group FAIR and ignored calls to resign. Now a new complaint filed with the Office of Human Rights in Washington has ... Read more

HuffPost: Embattled Republicans Rely On Astroturf Group To Shore Up Social Security Bona Fides

“Brian Fitzpatrick’s attempt to mislead his constituents on their own dime is dishonest and disturbing,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Brendan Welch. “Fitzpatrick touting a record from an organization that wants to privatize and cut Social Security and Medicare makes it perfectly clear where he stands on the issue. He’s just another swamp creature who ... Read more

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