ICYMI: Rep. Fitzpatrick: Stop Avoiding Constituents

“How can Fitzpatrick be a voice for the working families of Bucks and Montgomery counties if he doesn’t show up and listen to them?” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Brendan Welch. “He spends plenty of time listening to Washington special interests and his wealthiest donors. Scott Wallace is working hard and showing up in every ... Read more

Does Scott Wagner Believe That Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Is A “Paid Liar”?

Yesterday, Pittsburgh City Paper reported that a billboard in North Huntingdon which recently displayed an ad for Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner now displays a new sinister message. It reads: “Judge Kavanaugh is a good man. Democrat accusers; Paid LIARS.” The billboard also encourages viewers to vote Republican.  “Scott Wagner must take a stand for ... Read more

ICYMI: Massive House Map Continues To Grow

“It’s no accident that Democrats are competitive in districts across Pennsylvania,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Brendan Welch.“George Scott and Ron DiNicola both have strong records of service and have built impressive people powered campaigns, while their opponents are Washington swamp creatures who only care about what’s good for special interests and their wealthy donors. ... Read more

Fitzpatrick’s Month Of Lies And Blunders Moves PA-01 To Toss-Up

Today, the Cook Political Report announced that PA-01 has been moved from “Lean Republican” to “Toss-Up.” The past month has seen Republican Brian Fitzpatrick called out for numerous lies, blunders, and attempts to mislead the people of Bucks and Montgomery counties. “This is not at all a surprise,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Brendan Welch. ... Read more

Scott Wagner And Betsy Devos Are Working Together To Weaken PA’s Public Schools

Yesterday, it was revealed that Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner received $1 million from Betsy DeVos’s dark money group which supports a school-choice agenda that would devastate public schools. The Wagner-DeVos partnership doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering just last weekend Wagner called for closing down schools, which would be a drastic shift ... Read more

ICYMI: Fitzpatrick A No-Show At Scheduled PA-01 Forum

“Fitzpatrick already failed to show up for seniors when he voted for a tax scam that paved the way for Washington Republicans to slash Social Security and Medicare,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Brendan Welch. “Now he’s just doing it literally. This is a stunning level of incompetence that further proves Fitzpatrick is incapable of ... Read more

End The “Kelly Kickback” And Put Working Families First

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party issued the following statement as voters gather at Congressman Mike Kelly’s car dealership to demand a repeal of the “Kelly Kickback,” a special loophole in the tax reform bill that gives a tax break to car dealerships. “It is shameful that Mike Kelly went to Washington to fill his own pockets ... Read more

Pennsylvania Republicans Must Immediately Denounce Scott Wagner For His Racist Rant

This morning, PennLive reported that Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner went on a racist rant in which he retold a notorious story from a white nationalist site comparing immigrants to a raccoon infestation at his campaign rally in Wilkes-Barre earlier this month. Today, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party is calling on Republican party officials, elected officials, ... Read more

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