VIDEO: Scott Wagner Continues To Lie About His Campaign Event With An Anti-LGBTQ, AR-15 Worshiping Cult Leader

This week, Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner was caught lying about campaigning with anti-LGBTQ, AR-15 worshiping cult leader Hyung Jin Sean Moon in Pike County. Wagner continued to lie last night at a town hall when questioned about it, and even started shouting at a town hall attendee. Watch the video here:  Here’s a ... Read more

Ultimate Harrisburg Insider Scott Wagner Lies About Anti-Education Record

Tomorrow, Scott Wagner is holding a press conference to try to clean up his disastrous record on education. Unfortunately for Wagner, his record speaks louder than his lies. “The fact that Scott Wagner is falsely accusing the Governor of supporting the anti-education policies that Wagner himself has championed shows exactly why he is the ultimate ... Read more

Scott Wagner Continues To Tout Plans For Taking Pennsylvania Backwards

Tonight, Scott Wagner will hold a town hall in Westmoreland County. While he claims to be taking his message to the people, his actions state loud and clear that he is beholden to special interests, not the people of Pennsylvania. “Scott Wagner would take Pennsylvania backwards by slashing education funding and rolling back Medicaid expansion ... Read more

Jewish Exponent: Unsavory Truth About Barletta

* U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta, running against Sen. Bob Casey in November, has decided to move forward with a fundraiser where Nigel Farage, an alleged racist and anti-Semite, is a guest. * What makes Barletta’s response especially concerning is that it represents the latest in a series of instances in which he’s defended or made ... Read more

VIDEO: Scott Wagner Supports Overturning Roe V. Wade

Last night, at a town hall in Scranton, Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner reaffirmed his commitment to rolling back women’s reproductive rights and preventing women from making their own health care decisions by supporting the overturning of Roe v. Wade. When asked about the possibility of Donald Trump nominating another pro-life Supreme Court Justice who ... Read more

Judge Kavanaugh: Wrong For Pennsylvania, Wrong For The Supreme Court

  Donald Trump has chosen Brett Kavanaugh to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. From his fight against the Affordable Care Act to his belief that presidents should not be distracted by “questions from a prosecutor or defense attorney while in office,” Kavanaugh is a dangerous choice for the Supreme Court. “We’ve already seen ... Read more

Here’s What Scott Wagner Won’t Tell You In His Town Hall Tonight

Tonight, Scott Wagner will hold a town hall in Scranton. Pennsylvanians deserve to have a full picture of who the Republican gubernatorial candidate really is — an obstructionist who has spent years putting special interests and himself ahead of Pennsylvanians and conspiring to take Pennsylvania backwards. “Scott Wagner has a record of standing in the ... Read more

Turzai, Metcalfe Put Party Over Pennsylvania

Daryl Metcalfe, once again, has been caught holding up legislation and obstructing legislation in Pennsylvania — even a bill as uncontroversial as fixing a creek bed — because it is proposed by Democrats. According to the Reading Eagle, “before the bill could receive a House vote, it had to get through the House State Government ... Read more

Scott Wagner Is The Very Worst Of Harrisburg

Today, ahead of Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner’s town hall during which he will detail his plans to take Pennsylvania backwards by slashing education funding, rolling back Medicaid expansion, and putting oil and gas lobbyists and big business over Pennsylvania families, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party is calling Wagner out for what he really is — ... Read more

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