John Fetterman Calls Out Scott Wagner For Putting Special Interests Ahead Of Pennsylvanians

Today, ahead of Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner’s town hall during which he will detail his plans to take Pennsylvania backwards by slashing education funding, rolling back Medicaid expansion, and doing the bidding of oil and gas lobbyists and big business, Democratic Lieutenant Governor nominee John Fetterman called Wagner out for putting special interests ahead ... Read more

Congressman Barletta’s Truly Terrible June

Bad Polls, Worse Headlines, Abandoned By Allies, and Once Again Defending Connections to Anti-Semitic Extremists If Congressman Barletta’s May was a dumpster fire, his June has been a dumpster inferno. Barletta’s campaign struggled from one self-inflicted crisis to another as polls show his misleading attacks on Senator Casey are having no effect. Abandoned by those ... Read more

Pennlive: ‘British Donald Trump’ Who Complained About ‘Jewish Lobby’ Is Headlining Lou Barletta Fundraiser

* Republican U.S. Senate candidate Lou Barletta, who’s already taken heat for cozying up to an anti-immigration group that’s been characterized as “extremist,” has invited a radioactive British politician who’s complained about the influence of the “Jewish lobby,” to headline a fundraiser next month. * Last August, members of the progressive group Anthracite Unite called ... Read more

PA Dems Statement On Barletta’s Fundraiser With Anti-Semitic White Nationalist

Today, following a Citizens’ Voice report that Congressman Barletta plans to fundraise with Nigel Farage, an internationally recognized anti-Semitic white nationalist, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party released the following statement: “If Congressman Barletta believes that anti-Semitism has no place in our politics, why does he continue to associate with right-wing extremists who deny the Holocaust or ... Read more

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Statement On The Janus V. AFSCME Decision

Following the Supreme Court’s decision on the Janus v. AFSCME case, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills issued the following statement: “The Pennsylvania Democratic Party stands with working Pennsylvanians. Period. Unions are critical to the success of our economy and the health and safety of our workers. At a time when a trend of ... Read more

MEMO: A Successful Budget Season Closes After Departure of Ultimate Obstructionist Scott Wagner

TO: Interested PartiesFROM: Mike Mikus, Senior Communications Advisor for the PA Dems SUBJECT: A Successful Budget Season Closes After Departure of Ultimate Obstructionist Scott WagnerDATE: June 26, 2018 Last Friday, Governor Wolf and legislators completed a bipartisan budget that makes smart investments in education, combating the opioid crisis, protecting seniors, and expanding workforce training to ... Read more

Barletta Repeatedly Refuses To Say If Separating Children From Parents Is Wrong

Two weeks ago, Congressman Barletta failed a fundamental moral test when he said he would not change the Trump administration’s policy of separating small children from their parents and housing them in cages. When Trump reversed himself, Congressman Barletta praised the president and claimed that no one had wanted the policy he’d touted only days ... Read more

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