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Harrisburg Insider Scott Wagner Believes No One is Paid Minimum Wage

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 13, 2017   CONTACT: Preston Maddock,   HARRISBURG INSIDER SCOTT WAGNER BELIEVES NO ONE IS PAID MINIMUM WAGE 54,000 Pennsylvanians Make Minimum Wage   PENNSYLVANIA — During Scott Wagner’s campaign tour to take Pennsylvania backward, the Harrisburg insider showed how out of touch he is with working families across the ... Read more

If Scott Wagner Wins, Pennsylvania Families Lose

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 11, 2017   CONTACT: Preston Maddock,     Scott Wagner Launches Campaign to Take Pennsylvania Backwards    PENNSYLVANIA — The Pennsylvania Democratic Party issued the following statement on Scott Wagner’s decision to run for governor in 2018:  “Scott Wagner represents everything that’s wrong with the legislature in Harrisburg, and he promises to take us ... Read more

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Calls Out Donald Trump’s Misogyny

As Donald Trump’s surrogates Lara Trump, Katrina Pierson, and other “Women for Trump” gather in Philadelphia today, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party is reminding voters of his list of misogynistic comments and hateful rhetoric: He called women “fat pigs” and “disgusting.” He said that Arianna Huffington was “a dog.” He claimed that pregnancy is an inconvenience ... Read more

The Big Issues With Toomey’s New “Big Issues” Ad

Instead of highlighting the real contrasts in Pennsylvania’s United States Senate race, Toomey resorts to untrue accusations about Katie McGinty and attempts to claim credit for positions foreign to his record. Pat Toomey and his Wall Street-funded campaign are out with a new poorly-produced spot this morning. “Big Issues,” as the ad is titled, is ... Read more

Chairman Groen’s Statement On The First Presidential Debate

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Marcel L. Groen issued the following statement after watching the first presidential debate from the audience at Hofstra University: “Hillary Clinton proved without a shadow of a doubt tonight that she is the only candidate who is ready to step into the Oval Office on January 20, 2017. At the end ... Read more

Statement & Fact Check: Professor Pat Fibs & Filibusters At The PA Press Club

Toomey spent most of his time filibustering tough questions, attacking his opponent and tip-toeing around the orange elephant in the room, Donald Trump. PDP SPOX: “He’s spent 20 years in Washington, but today Toomey didn’t even try to defend his record — to the extent that’s even possible. Instead he spun lies about Katie McGinty, ... Read more

ICYMI: Toomey Forced To Take Down Unauthorized Ad Featuring Gabby Giffords

* A consultant for the organization, Americans for Responsible Solutions, said Friday night that the ad was “unauthorized.”  * But the organization objected to the way Toomey used Giffords’ photo and name in a spot that attacked his Democratic challenger, Katie McGinty. The organization stands by its endorsement of the Republican, but also believes McGinty ... Read more

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