Chairman Groen, Commissioner Ellis-Marseglia Says House GOP Budget Puts PA In Danger; Hurts Veterans, Families Seniors

Today, Pennsylvania Democratic Chairman Marcel Groen and Bucks County Commissioner Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia held a press conference to outline how the House Republican budget would put Pennsylvanians in danger, hurt our veterans and seniors, hamper the state’s ability to root out welfare fraud, and make it harder to fight the heroin crisis ravaging our communities.

“The House Republican budget will take Pennsylvania backwards by cutting services that keep Pennsylvanians safe,” said Chairman Groen. “These cuts are not just careless, they are dangerous.”

The House Republican budget would:

  • Put more sexual predators on our streets

  • Gut law enforcement programs that keep our citizens safe.

  • Prevent people from receiving help after being raped or sexually assaulted.

  • Slash funding for programs that protect our seniors.

  • Cuts important services and programs for veterans.

  • Prevent the state’s ability to root out fraud and waste in our welfare system.

  • Strip resources from first responders and law enforcement’s ability to respond to the heroin and opioid crisis.

  • Slash personnel that would slow the state’s ability to grant permits to oil and gas companies

“The Republican budget would be devastating to Bucks county,” said Commissioner Marseglia. “If these cuts go into effect, we would have to lay off dozens of staff, our courts would have to discontinue special programs, and we would lose capacity to help people who are suffering from the disease of addiction. These cuts are wrong and would be an absolute blow to our county.”