Chairman Senator Sharif Street – The Pennsylvania Democratic Party wins races across the Commonwealth

In the 2023 election cycle, the stakes were high, and Democrats rose to the challenge, delivering historic victories across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. With women’s reproductive rights, free and fair elections, and even our children’s educational future on the ballot, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party scored big wins at both the statewide and local levels.

Since taking leadership in 2022, the PA Dems have invested significantly in the party structure, providing unprecedented resources at every level. This unparalleled and strategic approach allowed Democrats in urban and rural areas to flip local seats, secure the party’s majority on the PA Supreme Court, and add more Democratic voices to the statewide appellate court benches.

These historic gains continued to build off last year’s gubernatorial victory that sent Josh Shapiro to the Governor’s mansion and elected Austin Davis, Pennsylvania’s first African American to serve as Lt. Governor. For the first time since World War II, one party has held the Pennsylvania governorship for three consecutive terms. We also flipped the U.S. Senate seat for John Fetterman, and for the first time, as far as anyone can remember, both U.S. Senators are Democrats. Additionally, we won the majority of our congressional delegation.

This year, we continued building momentum by securing a majority on the PA Supreme Court seat with Judge Dan McCaffery, sending Jill Beck and Judge Timika Lane to the Superior Court, and adding another Democratic voice to the Commonwealth Court with Judge Matt Wolf—a judicial sweep.

In Philadelphia, the largest county in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we elected their 100th Mayor, Cherelle Parker, as their first African American woman to lead the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. In Allegheny County, we elected Sara Innamorato as the first woman to be County Executive in the Commonwealth’s second-largest county. In many other counties, we flipped County Commission and School Board seats.

We’ve made strategic investments at the grassroots level, empowering our people across the board—from committee members to staff and volunteers. Our Party leads the nation by supporting all 67 counties, through county-specific field collateral, strategic communications, digital training, and historic rural investments. We powered up our rural counties with financial and strategic investments in their organizing efforts. Our strategy included hiring the largest team of organizers in an odd year, spread across the commonwealth, who reached out to over 350,000 voters. This robust grassroots participation was critical, and we complemented it with a focused communication strategy that put democracy at the forefront.

The Democratic Party has eagerly anticipated these pivotal shifts, which are essential for safeguarding our rights and freedoms. The triumphs of 2023 have not only reinvigorated the party base but have also infused Democrats with new energy as we approach the presidential election. Our Pennsylvania team has shown exceptional work ethic, determination, and an unwavering commitment to public service. 

Indeed, we stand ready, embodying a culture of excellence and victory. These successes herald the dawn of a promising new chapter, one brimming with opportunities and a testament to our collective resolve to shape a brighter future.