PENNSYLVANIA — Jake Corman — a coward and weakling who is terrified of the far-right — continues to bumble through his attempt at a Pennsylvania fraudit. The first hearing, led by well-known far-right wackadoo Cris Dush, was a complete waste of Pennsylvanians’ time and tax dollars, as Fulton County commissioner Stuart Ulsh was brought in only to say that — surprise! — there was no fraud in the 2020 election.

Outside of some vague finger-wagging at the Pennsylvania Department of State, nobody seems to know what Harrisburg Republicans are trying to accomplish — and they don’t either.

Check out some of the coverage below:

BuzzFeed News: Pennsylvania Republicans’ Attempts At A 2020 Election “Audit” Are Off To An Awkward Start

It’s not exactly clear what will happen with this audit and whether it will follow in the path of Arizona’s widely discredited review of the 2020 election, which continues to drag on with no end in sight. But the Pennsylvania probe, which will be funded by taxpayers, got off to an awkward start Thursday.

Stuart Ulsh, the chair of Fulton County Election Board in Pennsylvania, was the only witness at Thursday’s hearing. Ulsh had authorized a third party to conduct an election audit in his county at the request of a pro-Trump senator back in December. But in responding to questions from Democrats at the hearing, Ulsh repeatedly testified that the audit had found nothing wrong with the election. “Nothing was found,” he told senators.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. Republicans started their ‘forensic investigation’ of the 2020 election. It’s still unclear what that means.

After months of demands from former President Donald Trump, Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers on Thursday jump-started what they’re calling a “forensic investigation” of the 2020 election — but they didn’t detail how the review will actually work.

Associated Press: Republicans start election ‘investigation’ in Pennsylvania

Republicans in Pennsylvania’s state Senate held their first hearing Thursday in what they call a “forensic investigation” into last year’s presidential election, an underwhelming affair that Democrats nevertheless say is an extension of a national campaign to attack voting rights following former President Donald Trump’s loss.

Erie Times-News: Pa. audit hearing: What we know as Senate Republicans probe the presidential election

Stewart Ulsh, who has been a Fulton County commissioner for 5 years and chairman of the county board of elections, was the main only witness during the hearing. In his sworn testimony, he said there was no fraudulent election activity in Fulton County. 

Forbes: Pennsylvania’s Controversial Election Audit Gets Off To Contentious Start With Democrat Slamming It As ‘Tragic Charade’

The Pennsylvania state government and county governments have already undertaken audits that have affirmed the state’s election results, and there is no evidence of any widespread fraud. A slew of post-election lawsuits seeking to overturn the results in the state overwhelmingly failed.

Pennsylvania Capital-Star: Pa. Senate committee launches election investigation, beginning with 2020 guidance

Two post-election reviews — a statistical sampling required by law and a risk-limiting audit — were conducted after the 2020 election in Pennsylvania. Sixty-three out of the commonwealth’s 67 counties participated in the risk-limiting audit pilot, and neither assessment found evidence of fraud.