“I hear you’re very competitive and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. So, thank you for the support of my father, my family, our country, and everything. We need more great Americans like you out there.” — Donald Trump Jr.

PENNSYLVANIA — Jake Corman is all-in on the far-right race-to-the-bottom to please Donald Trump. But ahead of his big week championing his Trump-approved fraudit in court, the PA Democratic Party paid for a message for “Jake” from a very special celebrity: Donald Trump Jr.  

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While Corman has become the face of Harrisburg Republicans’ widely criticized “fraudit,” and has fully embraced election conspiracy theories (even if it means risking 9 million Pennsylvanians’ personal, private information), he’s barely made a splash as a gubernatorial candidate. 

In the crowded, ever-growing “Super MAGA” primary, Corman’s going to have to rely on his far-right, MAGA bonafides — like using his position in the state Senate to kneecap potential rivals in the GOP field and embracing far-right litmus tests, from the Big Lie to Texas’ extreme and unpopular abortion ban — if he has any hope of winning this MAGA showdown. To help Corman double down on his Trumpian record, the PA Democratic Party enlisted Donald Trump Jr. to voice his support for “Jake’s” application for his new job.

“I hear you’re applying for a new job. Guess what, buddy, I know you want it badly, I know there are other candidates but they don’t have a chance,” said Trump Jr. in the video.

“Congratulations to Jake Corman on getting what fellow contenders Lou Barletta, Bill McSwain, and Doug Mastriano are so desperately after — a message of support from a member of the Trump family,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “While Mastriano claims Trump asked him to run, Barletta says he hopes to ‘earn’ Trump’s support, and McSwain runs as Trump’s U.S. Attorney, we were happy to commission this message from Donald Trump Jr. to show Pennsylvanians that this primary is a messy, far-right race-to-the-bottom — and it’s just getting started.”

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