PENNSYLVANIA — While Democrats are delivering for Pennsylvanians from the White House to the Governor’s office, the ever-growing group of far-right wannabes running in the Republican primary for Governor is all-in on Trumpian litmus tests and, this week, some of them are even defending the Trump-approved sham “audit” in court.

The far-right PA-Gov candidates will spend the week fighting to prove their MAGA bonafides by defending their crusade to hand over 9 million Pennsylvanians’ social security and driver’s license numbers to an inexperienced, unqualified vendor led by a Republican donor. Noticeably absent from their full schedule though — the issues that matter most to Pennsylvanians, like creating jobs, rebuilding our roads and bridges, and lowering costs for families.

“It’s unfortunate the GOP candidates for Governor aren’t as committed to helping Pennsylvania families as they are to serving Trump. Last week, it was an extreme attack on reproductive rights. This week, it’s Harrisburg Republicans’ fraudit — and they aren’t even trying to hide how out-of-touch they are.” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “As the MAGA wannabes duke it out in the crowded race to prove their far-right bonafides, Pennsylvanians are watching Democrats deliver — providing historic investments to communities across the Commonwealth.”

While the far-right candidates focus on the dangerous fraudit, none have been willing to support the historic bipartisan infrastructure law that will lower costs for Pennsylvanians and could create 50,000 infrastructure-related jobs in Pennsylvania. Instead, they’ve been focused on doing whatever it takes to make it out of the messy MAGA primary. 

Jake Corman has undergone a “MAGA makeover,” using his office to kneecap potential political rivals, and campaigning on his work as part of a legislature that does “less and less actual lawmaking.” Arch-rival Doug Mastriano traveled to Arizona to visit their sham audit, repeatedly attacked Corman and fellow gubernatorial candidate Lou Barletta, and expressed support for Texas’ abortion ban, even calling it “great news.” Lou Barletta is equally busy focusing on anything but the issues that matter most to Pennsylvanians, instead associating with insurrectionists, commenting he’s “hopeful the Supreme Court will uphold the Mississippi law,” and refusing to answer whether he’d support right-to-work and the Republican effort in Harrisburg to gut prevailing wage laws. The Republican candidates for Governor are squabbling among themselves to win over the far-right, and they’re clearly not focused on what matters most to Pennsylvanians.