I don’t think he is capable of winning a general election, nor has he demonstrated the competence to serve as governor.”

PENNSYLVANIA — Republican nominee for Governor, Doug Mastriano, is “absolutely of the fringe” — he’s so out-of-touch that his own party is describing the tone amongst Republicans as “a pep rally before a football game everyone knows the team is doomed to lose.” Former Republican Rep. Ryan Costello called Mastriano “an intolerant elected official,” and said he, “will have nothing to do with that campaign.”

In fact, Costello went even further, saying he’s “embarrassed” by Mastriano’s extremism.

Mastriano spends his time obsessed with his extreme and dangerous agenda, instead of tackling the real issues Pennsylvanians face, and he’s even too extreme for fellow Pennsylvania Republicans. He’s made election conspiracies and extreme abortion bans his top priorities — and even his own party isn’t lining up to get behind him:

My guess is [Republican Senate candidates] will probably have to say they’re going to vote for him. And then they’re going to make sure that they are not anywhere in the same vicinity as Mastriano throughout the course of the campaign.” — former Rep. Costello

“Mastriano is so extreme, out-of-touch, and beyond the pale that he can’t even unite his own party,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “Pennsylvanians want a leader who is able to bring Pennsylvanians together to grow our Commonwealth and tackle the issues we face, not someone who is stuck in the past, obsessed with election conspiracies and a dangerous agenda. Mastriano clearly isn’t capable of being the leader Pennsylvanians deserve — and even Republicans know it.”

This by no means is the first time Republicans have criticized their nominee. In the less than a month since the general election began, Republicans have called Mastriano’s nomination, “like the voyage of the Titanic, but no survivors,” and described him as “a complete catastrophe,” “a clown,” and “out of step with where Pennsylvania Republican voters traditionally have been.” Even Republicans know “it would be a disaster to have that guy as governor.”