PENNSYLVANIA – This week, after a clerical error cast doubt on the future of a ballot initiative to allow sex abuse survivors to revive their cases in court, Harrisburg Republicans were handed an opportunity to right the ship and ensure justice for victims. Instead, they did what they always do when given a problem to solve: absolutely nothing.

There were multiple paths to fix the mistake, including an emergency constitutional amendment to put the question before voters in the May primary, and a legislative fix to give survivors a statutory window to bring their abusers to justice. Senate Democrats strongly supported either option, but the Senate GOP refused to act. Now, justice for victims is delayed and sexual abusers continue to evade consequences for their abuse of children.

“Harrisburg Republicans have failed the people of Pennsylvania yet again. They were handed a crystal clear opportunity to do the right thing and ensure long-overdue justice for sexual abuse victims — and they completely botched it,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Brendan Welch. “This is a tragedy: justice will be delayed for at least two more years, abusers continue to walk free and endanger children and families, and it was all completely avoidable. We must end Republican control of Harrisburg and elect leaders worthy of public trust.”

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