Pennsylvania lawmakers are already preparing for what a post-Roe future could look like, with Democrats pledging to defend the right to an abortion at every turn. But Republicans who control the state legislature seem poised to pounce on the ruling and achieve their long-sought goal of curtailing abortions.”

PENNSYLVANIA — While Governor Tom Wolf has pledged to veto anti-abortion legislation — and Attorney General and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro has echoed that promise — Harrisburg Republicans are working on at least 18 bills attacking reproductive rights right now. GOP efforts include pushing amendments to the Commonwealth’s Constitution that would deny the right to abortion care with no exceptions, imposing mandatory life sentences for anyone who performs an abortion, and introducing legislation that would fine women and burden them with paperwork after an abortion or a miscarriage. 

Just last week, the GOP Speaker of the PA House of Representatives, Bryan Cutler, said he would support an abortion ban, saying, “If we get the opportunity to pass such legislation, I do think it would pass and I would personally support it. What we need is a different governor.”

The leading Republican candidates for Governor have all made clear that they will sign similar legislation. GOP gubernatorial frontrunner Doug Mastriano bragged about how he’ll work with Harrisburg Republicans to pass a three-week abortion ban. GOP Senate leader and candidate for Governor Jake Corman trumpeted the prospect of legislation to ban abortion saying, “I wouldn’t be surprised if we tried to move legislation.” Dave White joined Mastriano in supporting an abortion ban without exceptions, and this morning, he received the endorsement of state Sen. Majority Leader Kim Ward who has introduced a “constitutional amendment that would clarify that there is no constitutional right to abortion … in Keystone State.” Bill McSwain has also touted his pro-life credentials, and promised to sign a 6-week abortion ban if elected Governor.

“Harrisburg Republicans have shown us what our reality would look like without a Democratic Governor to protect reproductive rights — and they’re already moving to ban abortion in light of last week’s SCOTUS news,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “Last week made crystal clear that reproductive rights are on the ballot and Republicans will stop at nothing to take away Pennsylvanians’ rights — starting with outlawing abortion. Luckily for Pennsylvanians, while every GOP candidate for Governor would sign Harrisburg Republicans’ anti-choice legislation, Josh Shapiro will work tirelessly to defend our rights.”