“Jake Corman and Harrisburg Republicans got us into this mess, and now they need to help get us out.”

PENNSYLVANIA — Today, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills released the following statement:

“234 years ago, our sacred American democracy was born in Pennsylvania. So it is especially shameful that today, Pennsylvania’s Republican leaders wage a coordinated campaign of lies and sedition in an attempt to dismantle it.

At every turn, Harrisburg Republicans have openly lied to the people of our commonwealth about the results of the 2020 election. They pressured Congress to overturn President-Elect Biden’s victory, wasted taxpayer money on sham election hearings full of lies and conspiracy theories, refused to seat a duly elected Democratic Senator, and will not condemn a member of their caucus who stood arm-in-arm with a terrorist mob. 

Jake Corman and Harrisburg Republicans aided and abetted the vile paranoia that led to violent insurrection at the United States Capitol on Wednesday. They got us into this mess, and now they need to help get us out.

Today, we call on them to make amends and begin rebuilding the public’s faith in our democracy.

First, the PA Senate should immediately swear in Senator Jim Brewster, the certified winner in Senate District 45.

Next, we ask that GOP leadership condemn Senator Doug Mastriano for his history of dangerous conspiracy theories and investigate his role in Wednesday’s violent insurrection.

Finally, we call on Harrisburg Republican leadership to state jointly and unequivocally that President-Elect Joe Biden won our state in a free and fair election.

None of this will fully correct the damage, paranoia, and division their actions have caused, but the long march to restoring sanity in our state government must start today.”