PENNSYLVANIA — Thanksgiving is a holiday marked by spending time with family, consuming as much stuffing as possible, and expressing gratitude. We’re taking time to recap some of the many reasons Pennsylvanians are thankful for Democratic leadership.

“After a tough year, families across the Commonwealth are beginning to feel some relief and Pennsylvanians are thankful Democratic leaders are delivering for working families — including passing the historic infrastructure package, defending voting rights and protecting reproductive rights,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills. “Pennsylvanians sit down at the Thanksgiving table this year with an appreciation for all that Democratic leaders in Washington, the Governor’s mansion, the Statehouse and local offices throughout the Commonwealth are accomplishing — and a stark reminder of all that’s at stake in 2022.”

While you set the oven timer for your Thanksgiving dishes, take a look back at some of the many reasons Pennsylvanians are thankful for Democratic leadership:

The Biden Administration’s historic investment in our communities

This time last year, families were unable to gather for Thanksgiving, businesses were struggling to keep their doors open, and the unemployment rate was at 13.3 percent. Once in office, President Biden immediately got to work to combat the coronavirus pandemic by correcting disparities in how PPP loans were allocated, rolling out a successful vaccination program, and signing into law the American Rescue Plan, which has now delivered relief to millions of working families and small businesses in PA. Because of President Biden’s successful vaccination efforts, local families are able to celebrate together this Thanksgiving and PA business owners ‘feel like life is worth living again’.

Pennsylvanians are seeing a White House that is fighting for working families — the Biden Administration has worked tirelessly to make good on promises made to the American people — and they’ve done just that. With the signing of the bipartisan infrastructure package, communities across the Commonwealth will receive historic investments to rebuild our roads and bridges, expand broadband access and so much more. 

But the Biden Administration didn’t stop there — the Build Back Better Act just passed in the House will partner with this monumental infrastructure legislation to cut costs for local families, create jobs and continue Pennsylvania’s economic recovery.

A Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate — a majority that runs through Pennsylvania

With a Democratic majority, the U.S. Senate is delivering for Pennsylvanians. Democratic Senators kept millions of children out of poverty by passing the child tax credit and passed President Biden’s historic and much needed infrastructure bill, which will have monumental impacts for local communities.

On the other side, the entire GOP Senate field has made it clear that they oppose the child tax credit and improving Pennsylvania’s infrastructure while lowering costs and bringing quality jobs to the Commonwealth. They even refused to rule out bringing a Texas-style abortion ban to Pennsylvania. 

A Democratic Governor who puts the people over politics

Gov. Tom Wolf has stepped in time and time again to protect our Commonwealth — and Pennsylvanians know a Democratic governor is the only thing standing in the way of an out-of-touch GOP field committed to championing the Big Lie, endorsing an extreme abortion ban and putting partisan politics over progress. In the race-to-the-bottom that is the crowded and messy GOP primary, candidates are making clear their dedication to an unpopular far-right agenda and commitment to the MAGA base

Through infighting and embracing every far-right litmus test thrown their way, including opposing the historic infrastructure bill and fighting over who is the most anti-labor, these candidates remind voters every day that Pennsylvanians don’t come first, Trump does — and he always will.

A Democratic Attorney General who stands up for Pennsylvanians every day

Whether it’s taking on powerful and well-connected special interests or far-right Republicans, Attorney General Josh Shapiro has always stood up for the people of Pennsylvania. This Thanksgiving — and throughout the year — Pennsylvanians are thankful to have a Democratic Attorney General who will alway defend our democracy and the right to vote, stand up for reproductive rights, and protect workers and consumers when they get ripped off.