PENNSYLVANIA — Earlier today ahead of Mike Pence’s stops in Western Pennsylvania, including his “Workers for Trump” event in Freedom, PA Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa, Beaver County Democratic Party Chair Terri Mitko, and union steelworker and PA House candidate Bob Williams hosted a virtual press conference to highlight how the Trump administration has broken its promises to Pennsylvania workers.

A recording of the virtual press conference can be found here, and an audio clip is available here. Check out some of the highlights below: 

Senator Jay Costa, Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Leader:

“Billionaires under Donald Trump got richer in 2020, while millions of workers — millions of workers — had to seek unemployment support and also had to look at food assistance and programs for food insecurity to be able to meet their needs. He hasn’t supported even the most basic measures to improve conditions for workers. He’s not done that — not even before the COVID-19 virus hit the United States did Donald Trump once do things that will be helpful to workers… That’s why it’s imperative that we look to Joe Biden and the many challenges that he needs to face [to] work together on moving forward.”

Terri Mitko, Beaver County Democratic Party Chair: 

“While the coronavirus has had a devastating impact on our economy, we can’t forget that the workers across the Commonwealth were hurting long before COVID-19 ever hit our shores — thanks to Trump’s failed policies. That’s because Donald Trump and his allies in Washington have spent the last three years looking out for the wealthy and well-connected and large corporations, while leaving unions, workers and the vulnerable in the dust… Thankfully, in just over 50 days, we have the chance to elect Joe Biden. Joe has a bold plan to rebuild our economy and help create good-paying jobs for families in Pennsylvania and around the nation.”   

Bob Williams, HD-15 Candidate and Union Steelworker & Marine Veteran: 

“During the 2016 election, Donald Trump promised he would bring steel mills back to this area. But it’s plain to see that he broke his promise…. Through our union meetings, I’ve seen two companies close their doors, and a third drop to a 25% work capacity. Not only has Trump broken his promise to bring back jobs, he’s also said he will approve a right to work legislation if it comes to his desk. With one signature, he can bring down every union, not just in Pennsylvania, but in every state. Workers shouldn’t have to live in fear of losing their jobs, their benefits, and their livelihoods.” 

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