Statewide & local leaders respond directly to Trump’s Berks, Bucks, Butler & Lycoming Co. rallies

PENNSYLVANIA — Earlier today, ahead of President Trump’s Saturday rallies in Berks, Bucks, Butler and Lycoming Counties, PA Dems Chair Nancy Patton Mills, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Congresswoman Chrissy Houlahan (PA-06), and congressional candidates Christina Finello (PA-01) and Kristy Gnibus (PA-16) held a virtual press conference to discuss how President Trump and Washington Republicans’ economic policies, COVID-19 response and attacks on health care have left working families across Pennsylvania behind.

Congresswoman Chrissy Houlahan represents the City of Reading in the U.S. House of Representatives, Christina Finello is running for Congress in PA-01, which includes Bucks and Montgomery Counties, and Kristy Gnibus is running for Congress in PA-16, which includes Butler County.

A recording of the virtual press conference can be found here, and an audio clip is available here. Check out some of the highlights below: 

Chair Nancy Patton Mills, Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

“Tomorrow, when President Trump comes to Pennsylvania, I expect that he’ll talk the same big game that he always does, but we know his record is just a string of broken promises… He promised he’d get tough on China and bring back jobs to the U.S. — but he created a tax loophole that rewards companies for shipping jobs overseas, and he continues to lose his trade war with China. And he promised to deliver on health care — but now he says he wants to “terminate” our health care system, and in under two weeks his handpicked Supreme Court will hear his lawsuit to throw out the entire Affordable Care Act…. If you haven’t made your plan to vote or identified your polling place, please visit iwillvote.com/PA today — there’s not much time left.”

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro: 

“On this eve of Donald Trump’s visit to Pennsylvania, I hope you will all pay attention and be attuned to the many lies he’s going to tell in his various rallies across Pennsylvania tomorrow. And I hope you’ll also take note of the fact that he will no doubt fail to own up to the broken promises that he has made to the good people of Pennsylvania…. I firmly believe we need to end the chaos in this country, and restore empathy and decency, not just to the Commonwealth but throughout the country. The way to do that is by electing Joe Biden and my friend Kamala Harris. And the other way we do that is by making sure that Democrats down and up the ticket get elected as well.”

Congresswoman Chrissy Houlahan (PA-06), U.S House of Representatives:

“Let’s talk about the actual people who live in the area of Reading and the community of reading that I serve. They’re primarily Black and Brown people who — if you’ve been paying attention, and many of us have been in Pennsylvania for the last four years — this president has done nothing to serve. In fact, the Black and Brown community has been disproportionately affected by this president and his actions, particularly in the pandemic, they are more likely to be affected and more likely to be very seriously affected by this pandemic than other population groups….I’m disappointed in the fact that he’s chosen this particular time to finally show up in places like Reading, because we have been waiting for him for four years. And now is not the time to show up.”

Christina Finello, Candidate for Congress in PA’s 1st Congressional District which includes Bucks and Montgomery Counties:

“I’m a working mom, the mom of two young girls, I know the struggles of this district. I’m running to give my neighbors a voice. And I’m running to be a fighter for middle class families in Washington….The people of Pennsylvania need to know all the times that Brian Fitzpatrick sided with Donald Trump as they turn their back on us here in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Fitzpatrick sided with Trump while they together downplayed the coronavirus and voted against much-needed relief for local governments, schools and businesses….I’m going to Washington and I’m going to be a fighter for middle class families like myself alongside Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

Kristy Gnibus, Candidate for Congress in PA’s 16th Congressional District which includes Butler, Crawford, Erie, Lawrence, & Mercer Counties: 

“Mike Kelly fights harder for Trump than he does for us. In the midst of a pandemic, my opponent has voted against the ACA with no plans in place, nothing to replace it. As a single mother, and a teacher and a cancer survivor, I know the importance of health care. I know without it, I would not be here. And I know now how hard it is to afford everything we need. We need the ACA more now than ever and the expansion of Medicaid — that helps families like mine currently — make sure that their children get the care they need. Over the course of his tenure, Mike Kelly has voted again 12 times against the ACA…We need a fighter in Washington, a fighter for the people. I know that Joe Biden and I will fight for all folks. Every vote counts here in Pennsylvania. And certainly in this district here in the 16th. If you have your ballot, please drop it off as soon as possible.”