PENNSYLVANIA—Earlier today, Blair County Democratic Committee Chair Gillian Kratzer, Rep. Scott Conklin (D-Centre) and business & community economic development expert Donald Bonk (Cambria County) kicked off the Pennsylvania Democrats’ “Broken Promises” economic tour with a virtual press conference to discuss how the Trump administration’s failed  economic policies — both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic — have left working families in the Altoona-Johnstown-State College region behind. The group also touted their support for Joe Biden and his plans to build our country back better. 

This event was the first in a statewide series hosted by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party designed to highlight the local impact of President Trump’s economic policies.

A recording of the virtual press conference can be found here, and an audio clip is available here. Check out some of the highlights below: 

Gillian Kratzer, Blair County Democratic Committee Chair:

“Donald Trump talked to a really big game about supporting American jobs, growing wages, supporting our businesses, but he’s broken those promises. Again and again and again, he’s put large corporations and his wealthy donors before working families. He’s gone after unions and undermined those who were just trying to make ends meet…. While Donald Trump might not be looking out for us, we have a chance to vote for an actual champion for workers in 48 days. And that’s Joe Biden. Joe has a bold plan to create millions of good-paying jobs and build a new American economy that’s more powerful because everyone is cut in on the deal. And he’s made a point to release a detailed ‘Buy American’ plan that would ensure that the future is made in America by all of America’s workers.”

Rep. Scott Conklin (D-Centre), PA House Of Representatives: 

“As a small businessman, I can tell you when [Trump] put the tariffs on China…We got a note in the mail from our vendor saying there’s a loophole within the contract that says any price increase beyond your control gets passed up on you, the store owner. We had to pay that 25% extra. We had to dip into our pocket. That didn’t come from China, that didn’t come from anybody else, and that didn’t come from the president — that came from small businessmen like myself… As somebody who lives in rural Pennsylvania, we can’t take any more broken promises. We need somebody that’s going to make sure that our families are safe, our healthcare is efficient, and most of all, that we don’t have more promises that can’t be kept.”

Donald Bonk (Cambria County), Business & Community Economic Development Expert:

“President Biden would sign relief measures and recovery measures to get small businesses — especially like my parents who had a small grocery store— [up] and running again. We know that big banks and corporations did quite well during this period, but smaller businesses and other folks had a more difficult time…. I always say it’s like a quarterback almost if you want to think about it: the President had four years. He had the ball, [all we got was] eight tenths of a percent reduction in unemployment here, but now it’s up to 14%. It’s time to hand the ball to a new quarterback. And that’s Joe Biden [who’d] build back better.”

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