How to Vote in Pennsylvania if Your Mail Ballot Has Not Arrived


If you requested a mail ballot before October 27th and it hasn’t arrived, rest assured that your vote can still be counted! Here are your options for making your voice heard.

Option A
Cast a Replacement Ballot In Person

Most Pennsylvania voters who did not receive their approved mail ballot can request a new one in person. Head to your county elections office or satellite voting center by Monday, November 2nd. Call us at 833-728-6837 if you can’t find your office or its hours!



Option B
Cast a Provisional Ballot

If you cannot visit your election office by November 3rd, you can vote with a provisional ballot at your in-person polling place. To do so, go to your assigned polling location on Tuesday, November 3rd (7 AM – 8 PM) and ask for your provisional ballot.



Election Accessibility
Get Exta Help If You Can’t Travel.

Many voters are unable to visit an elections office or polling location due to medical reasons or the risk of COVID-19. If that describes you or someone you care for, call 1-833-728-6837 to make a personalized plan based on your needs and location.


Once Your Ballot’s in Hand

If you have your mail ballot and are wondering about the best way to cast your vote, please return your ballot in person—to a county elections office, satellite office, or designated dropbox—by 8 PM on Election Day.



And as always… Remember to use your secrecy envelope; then, sign and complete the Voter Declaration!