“GOP leaders are not answering a simple question: do they support Mastriano’s quest for an audit?”

Harrisburg, PA — It’s been nearly two weeks since Doug Mastriano’s request for an Arizona-style “fraudit” in Pennsylvania based on his absurd and dangerous embrace of far-right conspiracy theories. Dennis Owens of ABC27 attempted to visit the offices of Harrisburg Republican leaders Jake Corman and Kim Ward after they repeatedly refused requests for comment on the proposed fraudit — but was turned away at the door. Harrisburg Republicans’ silence provides tacit approval to Mastriano’s costly fishing expedition despite the fact that the Republican strongholds of Tioga and York Counties have flatly denied his request, as taxpayers would be forced to pay millions for new voting machines.

ABC27: Pa. counties resist election audit, GOP leadership mum on topic

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — It has been 10 days since Senator Doug Mastriano requested an election audit of three counties, including York, Pa.

“We have several concerns,” Julie Wheeler (R), York County president commissioner.

Chief among them for Wheeler is cost to do the audit and possible decertifying of any machine that gets audited.

“They’re no good anymore they have to buy new machines have to be replaced,” Wheeler said.

That is 430 machines costing $3 million. And Wheeler, a Republican, wonders – for what?

“I’m comfortable in York County that we got our election right,” Wheeler said.

But apparently, Senate Republican leadership is uncomfortable with that Mastirano letter. Majority Leader Kim Ward’s spokeswoman hasn’t responded to email, phone call or text. We went to her office, still not available. Same story at Pro Temp Jake Corman’s office.

GOP leaders are not answering a simple question: do they support Mastriano’s quest for an audit?

No official comment from Republican Senate leaders, but Democratic leaders are weighing in.

“The leadership’s silence on this means they’re ok with this. It means they are co-signing this and that really is a travesty,” Sen. Vincent Hughes (D – Philadelphia) said.

In their letter, York County Commissioners question whether Mastriano has the power to unilaterally order and audit.

“He has no authority,” Sen. Hughes said.

Wheeler is not so blunt but says Senate silence is not so golden.

“We would certainly love to hear what the appetite is up in the senate for this type of investigation,” Wheeler said.

Officials in York say they’re probably speaking for every other county when they say to the legislature, forget the audit. What they need is pre-canvassing of mail-in ballots and moving of the deadlines for mail-in ballots to really help.