“It is time for Roe to be replaced.” 

“I am hopeful the Supreme Court will uphold the Mississippi law.”

PENNSYLVANIA — While the majority of Americans support SCOTUS upholding Roe v. Wade (and oppose Texas’ abortion ban), the far-right PA-Gov candidates continue to double down on their extreme anti-choice agenda — making clear that the stakes in the gubernatorial race simply couldn’t be higher for reproductive rights. 

Despite the far-right PA-Gov candidates’ statements, Harrisburg Republicans spent the week downplaying their attacks on reproductive rights, claiming that Democrats are “fear-mongering.”

“The GOP gubernatorial candidates are all-in on yet another far-right litmus test — this time, doubling down on their crusade against reproductive rights, no matter how out-of-touch and unpopular this extreme agenda is,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “Pennsylvanians understand the reality that Republicans have made clear: reproductive rights are on the ballot — and they will only be protected by electing a Democratic Governor.”

Let’s take a look at the facts — and what some of the GOP gubernatorial primary candidates have said this week about their dangerous plans for our Commonwealth:

Lou Barletta:

“I am hopeful the Supreme Court will uphold the Mississippi law.”

Doug Mastriano:

Mastriano shared a post saying “life will prevail” in the SCOTUS hearing.

Jake Corman:

“I’m a pro-life legislator. The Abortion Control Act is based on viability outside the womb. I have voted in the past to update that from its original intent, because the medical technology has allowed for babies to be born at earlier weeks. So let’s see what the courts allow us to do. But for now, I support the Abortion Control Act, and I support updating it.”

Joe Gale:

Gale “promised to ‘protect every child from the moment of conception. Allowing the most defenseless and voiceless among us to be murdered in the womb is unacceptable, unethical, and unforgivable. Under my leadership, Pennsylvania will be a sanctuary state for innocent unborn human life.’”

Gale also joined his “pro-life friends” at the “Overturn Roe Rally” on Wednesday.

Charlie Gerow:

“Gerow says he would sign a law to make abortion illegal after a baby’s heartbeat can be heard. A similar law was previously vetoed by Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat.”

Dave White:

“As one of 14 children in my family, I’m a strong supporter of life. It’s our duty as a society to protect the most vulnerable among us, including the unborn, and I’ll be following this case closely.”

Guy Ciarrocchi:

“So, Roe is now not only bad law, it’s based on very, very outdated science. It is time for Roe to be replaced.”