President Biden’s American Jobs Plan Contains “The Most Significant Piece of Law to Strengthen Workers’ Rights in Over 80 Years”

PENNSYLVANIA — Over the weekend, Rob Bair (IBEW Local Union #143) penned an op-ed for LancasterOnline, highlighting the need for Congress to pass the critical American Jobs Plan, which contains the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. For the last several decades, anti-worker forces, often led by Republican politicians in Washington and Harrisburg, have stripped workers of their power. President Joe Biden and Democrats know it’s far past time for our government to have the backs of Pennsylvania workers, which is why they have introduced the PRO Act, “the most significant piece of law to strengthen workers’ rights in over 80 years,” said Bair.

LNP|LancasterOnline: Pennsylvania workers need the PRO Act (column)

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light what many workers’ advocates have argued for years: When our communities become unsafe, front-line workers — often with very few workplace protections — face the biggest risk.

Luckily, President Joe Biden and Democrats know this needs to change. That’s why they’ve introduced the American Jobs Plan, which contains Protecting the Right to Organize, or PRO Act.

This vital legislation would play a critical role in strengthening unions, which in turn would address the staggering inequities in Pennsylvania’s workforce.

Biden followed up his Bessemer remarks with the American Jobs Plan and, with it, the PRO Act. The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO has applauded the American Jobs Plan and called it “nothing short of heroic.” By protecting “the right to organize,” the AFL-CIO continues, “we ensure that all workers can prosper.”

Our pro-worker U.S. Sen. Bob Casey came out in support of the bill earlier this month. I applaud him for signing on to be a co-sponsor.

The PRO Act is the next step to level the playing field for workers. A level playing field is all we are asking for. Casey has shown real leadership on the PRO Act, and it is our hope that Sen. Pat Toomey will follow his lead and support this critical bill.