Shots in arms and money in pockets winning support in Erie County

PENNSYLVANIA — As we near 100 days of the Biden presidency, NBC News spoke with voters in the Pennsylvania bellwether of Erie County about the new President’s accomplishments — and he’s getting two thumbs up. Erie voters are enthusiastic about Biden’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, stimulus checks of up to $1,400, and what the American Jobs Plan would mean for local infrastructure.

From NBC News:

Nearly 100 days into the Biden presidency, voters who backed him in this political battleground-within-a battleground say they feel a sense of relief. They see a more urgent response to the coronavirus pandemic and a more competent approach to governing, a man of decency and faith, and a commander in chief whose tweets won’t keep them up at night.

“It’s nice to have some competence in government back, and it’s impressive what a stable leader can accomplish when he appoints competent, experienced people to execute a goal,” Yates, 46, a home health aide, said. Biden, he added, “has been true to his word as much as he can be. He’s doing the best job he can under the circumstances.”

Even the staunchest of Republicans spare a few words of grudging praise for how Biden expedited the coronavirus vaccines.

…“The stimulus checks have helped people a lot, especially our small businesses,” Kadum, who also owns an auto body shop in the neighborhood, said inside the corner grocery store, which stocks everything from fresh meat and produce to ornate tea kettles. “People don’t have to worry when they go spend a couple of dollars on food or necessities or whatever.”

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