PENNSYLVANIA — As Harrisburg Republicans ready to push for new voting restrictions, State Government Committee Chairman Rep. Seth Grove, R-York, sat down for an interview with Stephen Caruso of the Pennsylvania Capital-Star. In the stunning exchange, Grove, who authored and collected signatures for a letter asking Congress to reject Pennsylvania’s election results, admits that the only election fraud committed in the 2020 election was from a handful of Trump voters.

From the Pennsylvania Capital-Star:

“C-S: Was there election fraud in 2020?

SG: Yes, there was. They have confirmed cases of election fraud.

C-S: Who committed that fraud in Pennsylvania?

SG: Right, Republicans. But it’s still election fraud. It doesn’t matter who [commits] it. We don’t want that fraud to occur. And to say there wasn’t any is a lie. Now, I will say there’s not like this mass amount of fraud, that’s going to shift hundreds of thousands of votes.”

Grove also dodges when confronted with Harrisburg Republicans’ long list of bad-faith attempts to restrict the vote:

“C-S: You talked about good faith bargaining. So one thing I have to ask you is — You signed on to, and you organized, the letter to Congress that objected to Pennsylvania’s election results in the 2020 election. You’ve been part of the American Legislative Exchange Council’s election integrity committee. And you are one of many lawmakers who met privately with Kris Kobach, who’s just talking a lot about baseless voter fraud conspiracies. There are a lot of people who are going to be looking at you and saying, ‘you’re not going to be negotiating in good faith, and you are not someone who’s actually trying to make the election code better. You’re gonna be focusing more on the harder to cheat than the easier to vote.’ What would you say to people who are very doubtful of your ability to participate in this conversation?

SG: We’ll see.

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