PENNSYLVANIA — On Wednesday, Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, State Senator Lindsey Williams, and Duquesne Mayor Nickole Nesby joined local Union Leaders at a Pennsylvania Democratic Party press conference, highlighting the local impact of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which leaders touted will create new good-paying union jobs, revitalize our roads and bridges and bring high-speed broadband internet to communities that need it in Allegheny County.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Unions, Dems say $1T infrastructure bill a boost for region

The $1 trillion infusion into America’s roads, bridges and infrastructure — signed into law by President Joe Biden this week — will create about 40,000 union jobs in Allegheny County over the next few years, politicians and labor leaders said Wednesday.

Deeming Western Pennsylvania better positioned than any other region in the nation to benefit from the plan, labor leader Darrin Kelly said over the next decade, “we’re going to see job growth in this region that’s unprecedented.”

“People are going to have opportunity and employment that they never had before, not just in our construction field, but our energy field and our truck drivers,” Mr. Kelly, president of the Allegheny/Fayette Central Labor Council, said at a press conference Wednesday on the North Shore.


Either way, it’s an infusion of money that will long impact the region, officials say, a historic investment into roads, bridges, rail transit, ports, safe water, the power grid, broadband internet and more.

KDKA: Local Leaders Praise Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

With the bipartisan infrastructure bill now law, Pennsylvania is set to receive $18 billion of the money. Local leaders said Wednesday that some of that money will be used in the southwestern part of the state.

One of the most exciting things about this bipartisan bill for local leaders is the amount of jobs it’ll create. Not only that, but they say they can finally say yes to projects that have been held off for so long.

Right in front of Pittsburgh’s sister bridges, local leaders praised the infrastructure bill and talked about how much it will help southwestern Pennsylvania.

WPXI: Allegheny County leaders detail how federal infrastructure bill will impact you

PITTSBURGH — President Biden’s hard-fought $1 trillion infrastructure bill will pour millions of dollars into state and local governments to fix roads, bridges and transportation systems. Allegheny County leaders detailed Wednesday what that means in our area.

“As County Executive, I’ve had a lot of projects I had to say no to over the years, knowing the need is there but the funding hasn’t been there,” said Rich Fitzgerald. “Now we can do things like fixing the Parkway, the McKees Rocks Bridge, the widening of Bates Street, the extension of the busway to people to have access who have been left behind during this economic time.”


“$39 billion for public transit. $55 million for water and lead line replacement. $65 million for broadband internet access. These resources can be life-changing,” said Duquesne Mayor Nickole Nesby.

Leaders estimated 40,000 union jobs in Allegheny County will be created over the next few years thanks to the bill.

WTAE: The message was clear today: Jobs, jobs, and more jobs    

All new tonight: millions of dollars coming to our area from President Biden’s infrastructure bill. Pennsylvania Democrats were joined by labor unions to talk about what they say is the local impact of this bipartisan infrastructure deal.

The message was clear today jobs jobs and more jobs. Leaders say that this landmark law will create new good-paying union jobs, revitalize our roads and bridges and bring high-speed broadband internet to communities that really need it. Many things, they say, that are long overdue. 

“We can do things like fixing up the parkway that needs to be done, fixing up the Mckees Rocks bridge, the widening of the street, the extension of the bus lanes: to have access for people that have been left behind. County Executive Rich fitzgerald thanked President Joe Biden for getting the bill across the finish line.

“These are projects that are going to make people’s lives better and put people to work,” said Senator Williams.