PENNSYLVANIA — So far, Doug Mastriano’s proposal for a baseless, costly, intrusive “fraudit” of the 2020 election has been soundly rejected by his targeted Republican counties — but on the rare occasion that Harrisburg Republican leaders speak out on the subject, it sure sounds like they’re in support.

The current path forward for the fraudit involves subpoenas issued by Mastriano’s Intergovernmental Operations committee — a committee that normally meets a handful of times per year and does not handle election issues — and as WHYY’s Katie Meyer notes, many of its Republican members seem poised to support the fraudit. One of the Republicans on that committee is Senate President Pro Temp Jake Corman, and in an interview with ABC23 last week, it sure sounded like he supports a fraudit:

“There’s been a lot of questions. Certainly, my constituents call me on a regular basis. But there’s also a lot of questions about how an audit can and should be done, if one’s going to be done. And so we’re trying to work a lot of those bugs out. Trying to review what’s going on in Arizona. It’s always sort of good to learn from other states, right?”

Corman, notably, asked Congress to refuse to certify President Biden’s victory and doubled down even after the January 6th insurrection.