Democrats Endorse Josh Shapiro for PA Governor

Attacks on democracy and the right to choose. Underfunded schools. Increasing division. A GOP legislature run by special interests.

Pennsylvania has some big fights ahead, and we need a leader who knows how to win for the people. That’s why Democrats proudly endorse Josh Shapiro for PA Governor!


Josh cares about the tough problems Pennsylvanians face, but his opponents only care about far-right litmus tests. The GOP field includes election deniers, extreme anti-choicers, and COVID conspiracy theorists vying to appease Donald Trump.

A Republican Governor would roll back our right to choose, suppress our votes, and work to undermine democracy. Josh Shapiro will reject politics of hate and division — and focus on solving real problems.


Josh has served as a state legislator, as the head of our third-largest county, and now as Attorney General. He knows how to bring folks together and get things done. It’s what he’s done his entire career.

Josh takes on the powerful without fear or favor. And wins.

As Attorney General, Josh exposed abuse inside the Catholic Church, stopped insurance giants from denying folks access to healthcare, and stared down powerful industries to help those in need — like student loan borrowers and victims of the opioid epidemic.

As governor, Josh won’t work for the powerful and well-connected. He’ll work for you.

Time and time again, Josh defends PA voters and our Constitution.

When Donald Trump’s cronies tried tossing legal votes, Josh beat them in court, and every legal ballot was counted. Now, he’s defending 9,000,000+ voters’ social security numbers from exposure to a sham election audit.

As governor, Josh will veto attempts to suppress the vote and fight for his comprehensive plan to improve our elections!


Image: Democrat Josh Shapiro on His First Election Night | Courtesy: Shapiro for Pennsylvania

Throughout his career, Josh has inherited offices badly in need of reform. Every time, he’s shaken up the status quo and restored integrity.

As Montgomery County Commissioner, Josh led a fiscal and ethical turnaround — reforming public pensions, reducing wasteful spending, and putting the county back on solid fiscal footing.

As governor, Josh will shake up state government to make sure it works for the people!

Josh Shapiro has earned more Pennsylvanians’ votes than any candidate in our Commonwealth’s history, and that’s because he knows how to bring people together.

Last year, Josh brought activists, Black community leaders, and law enforcement together to deliver needed reform — Pennsylvania’s first police misconduct database. And he built a coalition of every PA county to hold Big Pharma accountable and secure $1.07 Billion to combat opioid abuse.

Now, Josh is traveling all sixty-seven counties to make sure voters know he’ll show up, listen, and fight for them as governor!

Image: Voters Hold "Shapiro for PA Governor" Signs | Courtesy: Shapiro for Pennsylvania


Like everything PA Democrats do, our plan to elect Josh Shapiro is powered by people like you. Josh’s victory depends on you signing up, chipping in, and spreading the word!

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