“We are not going to elect a liar”

PENNSYLVANIA – Yesterday in Lancaster, community leaders leaders held a press conference to call out New Jersey fraud Mehmet Oz and his “secret New Jersey condo” – highlighting how he’s not from Pennsylvania, doesn’t understand Pennsylvanians’ concerns or values, and is unfit to represent us in the Senate. 

The event featured Lancaster City Council President and HD-49 nominee Izzy Smith-Wade-El, local small business owner Craig Kazda and local social worker Amanda Esterly. 

City Council President Izz Smith-Wade-El: “New Jersey is a perfectly fine place to be from, but nobody from Pennsylvania wants to vote for somebody who is going to pretend to be here, pretend to have medical expertise, who pretends to share our values…we are not going to elect a liar, we are not going to elect a carpetbagger.

Small business owner Craig Kazda: Mehmet Oz does not understand Pennsylvania because he has not walked in Pennsylvanians shoes. He does not understand Pennsylvania communities, the towns, the cities, the boroughs, every small hamlet that makes up Pennsylvania and each unique challenge they are facing, he does not understand because he is not from here.”

Social Worker Amanda Esterly: “So, I feel compelled to urge Pennsylvanians to be very wary of opportunistic politicians – candidates whose motivation clearly lies in gaining position and power rather than accurately representing and serving the people….[In the social worker profession] it’s vital to recognize the influence of context and local cultures, and most importantly, to really spend time on the ground, listening to people and working to better understand their perspectives…I have absolutely no faith that Mehmet Oz genuinely cares about the people of Pennsylvania.”