Multiple Trump Fake Electors Sign Letter of Support for McCormick Campaign

Despite Ties To Fake Electors, McCormick is Refusing to Answer Questions About Trump’s Indictment

PENNSYLVANIANew reporting from PoliticsPA features a letter from Republicans calling on David McCormick to run for Senate, including five fake Trump electors. The letter is signed by Sam DeMarco,who also runs McCormick’s PAC, as well as Bernie Comfort, Charlie Gerow, Lisa Patton, and Ash Khare, all of whom were identified as part of Trump’s fake elector plot

This is just the latest connection between McCormick and the fake elector plot to come to light. The Pennsylvania Capital-Star recently reported McCormick’s 2022 campaign paid nearly $40,0000 to Mike Roman, a political operative for Trump who is also facing charges in Georgia

Despite these multiple ties to Trump’s fake electors, McCormick has refused to answer any questions on the subject. When McCormick appeared at an event with DeMarco, he refused to answer any questions “on the Trump indictment, DeMarco’s role as a fraudulent elector, whether DeMarco would continue as chairperson of McCormick’s PAC, and whether McCormick would endorse Trump for president in 2024.”

As more and more fake elector ties are revealed, David McCormick needs to stop hiding from Pennsylvanians and answer their pressing questions.

Questions David McCormick Still Must Answer: 

  • Will you endorse Trump for President?
  • Do you think Donald Trump should be running for president after being indicted? 
  • Will fraudulent elector Sam DeMarco continue to run your PAC, Pennsylvania Rising?
  • Why did you pay charged conspirator Mike Roman $40,000?