MEMO: WHAT TO EXPECT: Oz Will Use Senate Debate to Spread Lies & Dodge His Record

TO: Interested Parties 

FROM: Jack Doyle, Senior Advisor, Pennsylvania Democratic Party

DATE: Tuesday, October 25, 2022 

RE: WHAT TO EXPECT: Oz Will Use Senate Debate to Spread Lies & Dodge His Record

Tonight’s Senate debate is taking place amid a barrage of breaking new stories that highlight Mehmet Oz’s deep financial ties to an alleged pyramid scheme in addition to his years of pushing dangerous treatments to his viewers, his “unusual” house deed that will make it easier for him to leave Pennsylvania once he loses, and his broken promise that his campaign wouldn’t take a dime of corporate PAC money.

The common thread across all these damning reports is the same one that has dominated Oz’s campaign and should define tonight’s debate: Oz is a lying fraud and a scam artist who Pennsylvania voters cannot trust to look out for them.

Mehmet Oz thinks if he keeps pretending he has ties to Pennsylvania and hides his shady past and his toxic views on the issues, voters will forget that he is not from here and that he is completely out of step with Pennsylvanians’ values. He will use this debate to spread lies and dodge his record, but the bottom line is Oz will not fight for the people of Pennsylvania.

Oz deserves to face scrutiny for his scam artistry and dangerous behavior

  • A groundbreaking Associated Press report revealed days ago that Oz was paid millions partnering with an alleged pyramid scheme company Usana. The multi-level marketing company has drawn attention from federal regulators. While Oz made a fortune, one report found that only about 1% of participants turned a profit and 87% of associates lost money. Oz has refused to reveal details of his financial arrangement with Usana and how much he profited off of the partnership.
  • As was reported on the front page of The Philadelphia Inquirer, Oz was caught breaking his promise not to take corporate PAC money. Despite pledging not to take “one dime of corporate PAC money, not one dollar,” his latest fund-raising report shows multiple corporate PACs donated thousands of dollars to his campaign, once again proving there is nothing Oz won’t lie about.

Oz will continue to hide his stances on the most important issues in this race

  • Pennsylvania voters deserve to know if Oz would vote to overturn the 2024 election in favor of Trump. Last month it was revealed that Trump “told advisers that he needs people such as Pennsylvania Senate nominee Mehmet Oz (R) in office in case the election is challenged in 2024.” Oz, who has said we “cannot move on” from the 2020 election, has refused to address what he promised Trump to get his endorsement in the primary. 

Oz will continue to pretend to be something he is not: A Pennsylvanian

BOTTOM LINE: Oz will use this debate to continue to lie about pretty much everything, just like he has this entire campaign and his whole TV career before that. But no matter how well the celebrity “doctor” fabricates attack lines against John or runs away from his own record, it’s not going to work. Pennsylvania voters intensely distrust Mehmet Oz, they dislike him more and more every time they see him, and that’s exactly why he’s going to lose this race.